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It seems that egos, politics and bickering have made RocWiki a shadow of its former greatness. Too bad. I miss the raw edge of the old days.

"We just ask that you include some basic information about yourself."

Nathan Henderson was born and raised in Rochester. From 2001 to 2008 he was employed by [WWW]Apple Inc., but is now doing [WWW]some cool stuff on the interwebs with his good pal RufoSanchez.

Nathan is into gadgets, hi-def anything, digital photography, video games, beers, wines, ranting about technology/usability/design to anyone who will listen, [WWW]online deal hunting, exciting & new culinary exploits, his enormous backlog of unread books, listening to and creating music, [WWW]Ruby and Rails, [wikipedia]The Elements of Style, and streaming movies from [WWW]Netflix.

"Anything else?"

Sure, why not check out [WWW]my website, follow me on [WWW]Twitter.

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2007-03-28 10:36:04   I highly enjoy the Kerrygold Vintage Dubliner but Wegmans also has a nice cheese that is made with a Porter. It's fantastic. —KimBee

2007-03-28 11:29:57   Cool! I'll put that on my shopping list. —NathanHenderson

2007-03-31 15:07:44   Yes! That's the name of the cheese. I also like one I get at the Pittsford wegmans which has cranberries in it... can't recall the name of that one either. —KimBee

2007-03-31 16:11:09   thanks for the cheesy tips... i'm a big fan of Saint Andre` myself, but I'll give the Kerrygold a try —GrahamSaathoff

2007-04-01 11:49:09   Unequivocally ditto on Dubliner! —ChristineLeo

2007-04-02 11:38:03   I came across Dubliner accidently myself a while ago and I was very happy with it. —RichardSarkis

2007-06-03 20:25:31   Wegmans carries my namesake, a smoky Spanish cheese called Mahon. It's firm, slices well and I prefer it with a salty cracker. Conversely, Gjetost is the flavor, color and consistency of caramel, which makes for a great pairing with coffee, dessert or movies. —DaveMahon

2007-06-06 23:24:25   Sorry Nathan-someone else created the User page so I usually assume they'll do it. WELCOME ABOARD!!!!! —PeteB

2007-06-15 14:30:10   What's up Nate. Cool blog, you have some interesting articles linked on there. —AlexanderGartley

2007-09-17 11:36:59   Thanks. I have definitely learned a lot about Rochester from this site, and found lots of advice & recommendations, so I try to contribute what I can as well.

Are you still at CompUSA? I heard even more people left, including Jeff Malin. —AlexanderGartley

2008-03-21 13:24:47   Thanks for the credit card fee tip. I'll have to look into that, because I definitely don't enjoy the surcharge at Piatza's. —AlexanderGartley

2008-03-25 13:40:31   Regarding Piatza's, I called Visa and filed a complaint, so hopefully that will lead to a removal of the fee. —AlexanderGartley

2008-07-16 15:17:05   I just joined the Google group, something I just never got around to before. —AlexanderGartley

2008-08-25 14:28:10   No Problems Nathan. I should have done that way to begin with. —DeepBhatt

2008-11-15 15:57:46   Removing redirects created by renames of pages that have a revision history seems inappropriate as the history of the page and its contributors is lost and that is part of the richness of RocWiki. —BradMandell

2008-12-10 17:25:54   Everytime I've eaten there lately I get violently ill-stomach or gut. Happens every time no matter what I eat —PeteB