Wedge Point

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420 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
Commercial and residential
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800 888 6770
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SWBR Architects
2016 (scheduled completion)

Wedge Point (also spelled WedgePoint) is an upcoming mixed-use development project in the South Wedge, on the corner of South Avenue and Byron Street. The developer is Pathstone. They plan on building a three-story apartment complex with space for retail on the ground floor. 81% of the units will be reserved for individuals and families earning 60% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI), while the remaining units will be for people earning 61-90% of the AMI.

(Note: The AMI will be calculated for the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area as a whole, which is $52,131. The AMI for the South Wedge itself is only $24,369.)

Although the Flower City website states that construction was scheduled to begin in 2010, Pathstone resubmitted their funding application in September 2014. The new design has smaller balconies and they are currently in several discussions surrounding use of the ground-floor commercial space. The funding was approved in December, clearing the way for construction to begin in April 2015 and be completed in May of the following year.

The land was previously occupied by Downtown Travelodge, which has since been demolished. The project was previously known as Northern Gateway Landing.

Source: The South Wedge Quarterly Holiday 2013, Autumn 2014, and Winter 2015 issues

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