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600 Willowbrook Office Park, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions]
877 472 3832
[wikipedia]PAETEC Holding Corp.

PAETEC (aka Paetec Holding Corporation) is a nationwide telecommunications company founded and headquartered in Fairport, New York. They provide phone and Internet services to businesses of all sizes.

PAETEC recently acquired two additional companies: US LEC, based in Charlotte, NC, and McLeod USA, based in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The company's Chairman and CEO, Arunas Chesonis, is active as a philanthropist in the Rochester community, and recently partially sponsored the new athletic center at Monroe Community College.

In late July 2011 it was announced that PAETEC would be acquired by [WWW]Windstream Corp., a Little Rock-based communications firm.

Paetec Tower

The so-called Paetec Tower was a plan with some help from the state, that envisioned tearing down Midtown Plaza and surrounding buildings in 2009, and building a skyscraper of unknown height in its place. (Estimates from 28 to 35 stories appeared in local publications.)

In early 2010, the plan was officially scaled back to a more moderate size "building". The effect on these reduced plans of acquisition of PAETEC by Windstream Corp. caused concern that the project was in jeopardy.

In 2011, Windstream's CEO announced that they will be moving 300 people downtown in a free standing building. The Seneca building was gutted and the facade removed exposing only the steel beams. In 2012, construction began to turn the shell of the Seneca building into the new Windstream building.

In 2020 the company combined the staff from the Monroe Avenue location, which was formally Earthlink which was bought by Windstream and moved the staff to Seneca building on South Clinton Avenue.


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2009-04-17 17:49:16   I'm in the camp that says they should just gut the old Midtown tower and update/reuse it. Given that PAETEC outwardly appears to be tanking I think it makes good business sense. But, then again, since when did good business sense ever triumph shiny monstrosities? —BatGuano

2009-09-23 12:57:01   The PAETEC Tower was/is a planned skyscraper to be built where Midtown Plaza was. Nobody knows what happened to this plan, if anything, but its been about a year and a half since weve heard anything about the PAETEC Tower.—sub619

2010-01-07 13:10:01   Looks like Paetec has scaled back their ambitious plans for a skyscraper. In fact, their arrival downtown has become somewhat of a side note to the rest of the planned development at the old Midtown site. —BatGuano

2011-11-23 20:56:40   As of 11/22/2011, Paetec Tower is a dead project. Windstream says they will be putting about 300 people downtown, in 2 or 3 floors of the re-furbished Midtown Tower. They have no plans for a free-standing building of their own. —Alex-C