Xerox Tower

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xeroxtower.jpgXerox Tower, 6-2008 XeroxFrontEntrance.jpgFront entrance XeroxBackEntrance.jpgBack side entrance

100 Clinton Ave S, Rochester, NY 14604 [Directions]

Xerox Tower is part of the Rochester skyline located in the Washington Square Neighborhood. It was built as Xerox's corporate headquarters in 1968, but no longer functions as their corporate headquarters, as they moved headquarters to Stamford, CT soon after the building was built. The building currently serves as headquarters for Xerox's North American Solutions Group (NASG).

This building is 30 stories tall with a height of 135 meters (443 feet), and is the tallest building in Rochester. Featuring mostly a minimalist style of architecture, the charcoal-colored building fans out near the bottom, taking up an entire city block on Clinton Avenue between Court Street and Broad Street. At the Chestnut Street end of the complex is a large auditorium that has been used as a venue for the Rochester International Jazz Festival since Xerox became the title sponsor.

The tower used to have a red "Digital X" for the Xerox logo near the top of the building, but it was taken down in 2005 because the company wanted to stop using the Digital X. They changed the logo to XEROX, spelled out, at the base of the building, but they have not replaced the logo at the top. As of early 2008, the logo at the base of the building has been changed once again, to reflect a new corporate logo, which can be seen (as of April 2008) at [WWW]

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