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Expectant mothers may choose to give birth at home or in on of these local facilities:

Center Location Birthing Midwife Whirlpool1 Water Birth
Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester [WWW]Maternity m unknown unknown
Rochester General Hospital Rochester [WWW]TWIG Birthing Center m YES unknown
Highland Hospital Rochester [WWW]Family Maternity Center m YES NO
Unity Hospital Greece [WWW]August Family Birth Place m unknown unknown

Surrounding Counties

Birthing options in the area surrounding Rochester:

Center Location Birthing Midwife Whirlpool Water Birth
Lakeside Memorial Hospital Brockport [WWW]OB/GYN m YES unknown
Newark Wayne Community Hospital [wikipedia]Newark [WWW]Birthing and Women's Care Center m YES unknown
Noyes Memorial Hospital Dansville [WWW]Birthing Center m unknown unknown
Thompson Health Canandaigua [WWW]Birthing Center m unknown unknown



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So what's the point of this page? To tell us something of little necessity? Plus it is redundant to the other Wiki page called "Water Births." —InstantCallBlast

2008-07-13 04:14:23   This page isn't fun. It's very boring and probably should be removed... —InstantCallBlast

2008-07-13 04:16:46   The point of this article is to alert those searching for "birthing centers" to the fact that there are no non-hospital birthing centers in this area. Without this article someone may incorrectly assume that there are non-hospital birthing centers in Rochester and there simply has not yet been an article created to identify them. Basically it saves the trouble of searching around in the phone book or elsewhere on the web. —MariahBetz

2008-07-13 04:18:25   but this isn't supposed to take the place of yellow page ads. Isn't that right? —InstantCallBlast

2008-07-13 04:30:45   I'm building these articles as part of a project that explores giving birth in Rochester. If you have a problem with it discuss it with an admin. I'm sure they'll be interested. —MariahBetz

2008-07-13 08:03:55   I appreciate the interest in this subject, as my daughter in-law, who will be giving birth in September to our 8th grandchild, has always been a proponent of mid-wives, natural child-birth, etc. Sometimes the subject has generational issues. Much older folks remember births at home while the early boomer generation may be more hospital and doctor oriented. I think a lot more interest in natural childbirth, midwives and birthing centers in the post-boomer generation. —BradMandell

2008-07-13 09:47:10   I have a dislike for the whole "Surrounding Counties" business. For example, a pregnant woman in Victor is going to be much more interested in Newark Wayne than Lakeside, but that isn't clear under this format unless every hospital gets a page and the site user clicks on each hospital in turn. —DaveMahon

2008-07-13 10:00:32   @DaveMahon - you have a good point, but I think focus for RocWiki should probably be Rochester -> Monroe -> "surrounding counties". I will work on the point by including a County entry and when done all of them will have the appropriate links to either the RocWiki page or another web resource (such as their website). Will that address your issue?? —BradMandell

2008-07-13 10:01:21   "Banning Formula marketing at maternity hospitals - lists our main hospitals as GOOD for ban" seems very confusing. Can you rewrite that? —DaveMahon

2008-07-13 10:02:34   PS: I am trying to work the page content here as a set of steps requiring some research with interim saves so I don't lose something and people can contribute info as we go - THANKS. —BradMandell

2008-07-13 15:34:33   I like the new format of the article! Very nice :) —Users/MariahSweet

2008-07-13 15:44:10   I added back the line about non-hospital birthing centers, since this was key to the initial article. A hospital experience vs. a non-hospital birthing center experience can be a very different. Non-hospital birthing centers are typically managed by midwives and not doctors; mothers are also typically allowed much more freedom of movement. I believe it should be pointed out that none of our local "birthing centers" are non-hospital, as some expectant mothers may inaccurately assume that a hospital birthing center will provide them with the same experience as a midwife operated non-hospital birthing center. —MariahBetz

2008-07-13 15:51:56   I understand what you are trying to communicate, however your change to the heading information was extraneous.

The previous version said "local facilities;". That allowed the entries to include hospitals and non-hospitals (even if there were none). Maybe it would be more appropriate to put a Note below with the information you wish to convey. IMHO —BradMandell