Empanada Shop


Interior1.JPG Interior2.JPG Eshop_menu.jpgMenu board, February 2018

Former Location
642 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Status (as of September 2019)

See Gone, but not forgotten

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2015-05-30 16:40:25   I had an Oreo empanada and it was very good. Love what they've done with the interior. —EileenF

2015-06-02 11:50:33   The empanadas are incredible (my favorites so far are the steak & shrimp and the pork mango) and the interior of the restaurant is lovely! —KiraK

2015-09-27 17:05:18   The empanadas and side dishes here were good, and there were many flavors and types to try, including a bunch of dessert choices. Be advised that the empanadas here are deep-fried, which does make them a bit greasy. I wish that someone around here would make baked empanadas, like the ones I've had in South America, which are just as good and not as greasy. That said, I will be back for another sampling soon ! —DottieHoffmann

2015-12-17 10:25:41   Went for the first time Wednesday 12/16 and got the 5 Empanadas for $15 special. (Normally they are $3.50 each.) I chose Chicken/ Pork Mango/ Beef & Cheese/ Basura/ Shredded Beef. They were bigger than expected, especially compared to the 3-4 other places I've had Empanadas in town. Each was extremely rich, flavorful, and filling. I was stuffed after the first two but crammed a third into my stomach before I had to call 'uncle'. I reheated the other two for dinner. I'm looking forward to going back again soon and trying some of the other Empanada flavors. I'm especially anxious to order from their 'dinner' menu as well. An extremely welcome addition to the neighborhood. —ZedOmega