James G. Cutler

Birth name Aliases
James Goold Cutler None
Birth date Birth place
April 24, 1848 Albany, NY
Date of death Place of death
April 21, 1927 Rochester, NY
Known for
Mayor and inventor of the Cutler Mail Chute
Architect (primary)

James G. Cutler was a local architect who also served as mayor of Rochester from 1904 to 1907. He was succeeded by Hiram Edgerton. He was best known further afield for inventing the [wikipedia]mail_chute.

He designed the William S. Kimball Tobacco Factory on Court Street (1880) and the Cutler Building, located on the corner of East Avenue and Stillson Street (1896). He also designed the Elwood Building, located on the northeast corner of Main Street and State Street, and built in 1879. Sadly, the Elwood Building, which was known for its patented mail chute designed by Cutler and its stone gargoyles perched along the roofline, was demolished in 1967.

The University of Rochester's Cutler Union was named for him in recognition of his generous gifts.


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