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2006-07-14 23:08:19   Shiki has what I consider to be the freshest, tastiest, and most appealing Japanese food in Rochester. My meals have always been excellent and the service has always been attentive. I highly recommend it! —RochesterGuy

2006-07-28 16:37:20   this place beats Plum House 10x's. Their food is authentic japanese style. —AlanLee

2006-08-25 12:49:14   Different dishes supposedly using different sauces taste indistinguishable. Right. —ChristineLeo

2006-08-31 12:29:21   Very authentic and high quality Japense food, which comes with a higher price tag. Small dinning room contains a tiny (3 stool?) sushi bar. —EllenKelsey

2006-11-13 23:56:06   Quite tasty and fresh—can't wait to come back. Their tonkatsu ramen and spider roll are soooooo good! —CatherineConnolly

2007-03-23 08:11:08   I love this place. Their Hah Gow is yum. —KimBee

2007-03-29 00:52:09   Easily the best sushi in Rochester. Tonight (a Wednesday) there was a line of customers spilling out the door, waiting for a table. Their "spicy" rolls are literarly spicy so be prepared. Luckily, the green tea is free. —WegmansFiend

2007-04-10 11:44:52   Excellent Nigiri style sushi!! The tradition style dishes are most authentic as well. —GordonAnderson

2007-04-18 15:37:56   Shiki is the best place to get sushi. No other places compares to sushi when it comes to chef's knowledge and quality of sushi. Chef Tanaka takes great pride when making sushi. You can tell the difference between somebody who was trained to make sushi and someone like Chef Tanaka who know how sushi should be made and what it should taste like. I love sushi and tried other places an with openmind but Shiki remains the champ in Rochester. —LexChittakone

2007-05-16 23:36:02   Tonight Shiki definitely became my favorite sushi place in Rochester. I had a crispy roll and a philly roll (not the most authentic, I know), and they were the best I've had anywhere so far. Now I know where I'm going to having lunch every other day when I start interning at the pharmacy at Tops on Clinton Ave next week! (The other days I'll be eating at the Golden Dynasty, of course.) —AdrienneDahler

2007-08-21 20:26:43   In our humble opinion, consistently the best sushi in Rochester. Place is small, if you go at peak hours you will wait and there's not a whole lot of room for standing around so that can be a challenge. Quality and presentation of the fish always above average. Seems to stay with the more traditional sushi and concentrate on quality, as opposed to offering the "American" type stuff like weird rolls with non-Japanese ingredients like other places. I have brought several Japanese business travelers here and they were impressed, said it was pretty close to home. —DottieHoffmann

2007-10-20 20:07:43   I want to thank everyone who posted a review here as you all encouraged us to eat here. We were very pleased to enjoy a wonderful meal at Shiki last night; we used to love Golden Pond, a Chinese restaurant with its own coterie of devotees, so Shiki is a fitting successor, albeit of different food. We liked the new d├ęcor inside: nice pale pastel wallpaper all over with lots more lights for better brightness. The space is still small as Golden Pond used to be, but it feels cleaner. Plus, there are Japanese-English NYC newspapers for reading + browsing for those who have to wait for a table (we had to wait about 15 minutes on a Friday evening around 7 pm). We tried a few basic items to test the menu and enjoyed the regular sushi dinner and the maki roll dinner. The miso soup is to die for with LOTS of flavor! Wonderful salad and dressing, too. We will be going back soon and often!

2007-10-26 18:55:35   Hands down without question the best in Rochester. Don't even consider anywhere else. —KevinFalzone

2007-11-15 14:58:21   I'm glad so many people are discovering and enjoying Shiki— I've been recommending it as the best sushi in town since I learned about it (around three years ago). There's not much I can add to the descriptions already here, so I'll just emphasize: be careful about when you go, as it's small and getting seats can be tricky at peak dining times! —AnnieHeckel

2007-11-16 11:08:08   The Sushi was super no 1 top grade. The decor was very nice. Well worth a visit. —SuperBuckeye

2007-11-26 12:54:23   Shiki is THE sushi restaurant in Rochester! Besides the fact that the sushi is amazing and fresh... the staff is extremely friendly and will remember you and what you order. Highly recommended! —DavidPesce

2008-01-25 19:27:42   I tried their spider roll, spicy salmon, crispy roll, and philly roll. All were really good... not sure about the best in town, but I'll definitely be back! —McgMatt

2008-02-22 09:50:59   Fantastic sushi! Very authentic. The place is very nice inside also. My wife and I were very impressed with this place. —ChampsElysses

2008-05-18 14:47:29   One of my favorite places to do lunch. Love the teriyaki salmon box. Very reasonably priced, and very nice inside. —SteveFont

2008-06-27 15:56:30   Our cab driver made fun of us for choosing Shiki, due to its dreary-looking exterior. Little did he know that as soon as you walk in, the place is great. Never judge a book by its cover. The sushi here is tops. The waitress was very helpful and nice. —TippingPoint

2008-07-09 16:39:21   Great sushi and tempura! The place is small, so if you want seating for more than two, I'd make a reservation. —NathanHenderson

2008-08-31 11:00:27   Three of us decided to give Shiki a try when it was reported to be very authentic by a Japanese colleague. We arrived just after 5:30 pm and were only the second table to be sat in the dining room - we successfully avoided the Saturday dinner rush! We ordered the regular sushi dinner, Una-Jyu - broiled eel on rice, and the maki dinner that came with salad and miso soup, we also ordered edamame as an appetizer to share. I had a cup of hot green tea that was absolutely delightful - it was just green tea plain and simply delicious. The edamame were very good also, just served boiled and lightly salted. The salads were good and fresh, the dressing was definitely my favorite among other Rochester sushi restaurants. The Una-Jyu was excellent, tender, well-seasoned and fresh served over rice. The sushi dinner offered a variety of different fish along with maki - all were reportedly of excellent quality and freshness. The maki dinner offered tuna roll, california roll and spicy salmon roll - usually not being a big fan of salmon was amazed how good the spicy salmon roll was. The service was excellent, the price was fair and the atmosphere was perfect. For sure ranking as one of the best Japanese restaurant experiences we've had in Rochester, can't wait to come back! —StephanieTodd

2008-09-03 11:20:49   Shiki is by far my favorite sushi / Japanese restaurant in Rochester. Though sometimes a bit slow because of the small dining area - the wait is well worth it (and yes, they do take reservations - shhhhhh). The food is always fresh, the servers always nice and cheerful and the price is just right.

Free green tea and authentic, delicious Japanese food.
I love this place. —BethSumner

2008-10-09 20:28:52   The chicken teriyaki lunch box was delicious. I loved the salad dressing. The miso soup was standard. The spicy tuna was good. I would go back. —OneLove