The Reserve

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South Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions] at the Erie Canal
North - Interstate 590
South - The Erie Canal and trail
East - Meridian Centre Park
West - South Clinton Avenue

The Reserve is a 70-acre planned community in the Town of Brighton, located along the Erie Canal and close to the city's Upper Mount Hope neighborhood. Its 327 residential units are a mix of condominiums, townhouses, and single-family detached homes. The centerpiece is a clubhouse with a swimming pool and other recreational facilities. In addition to the Erie Canal Trail, there is also a private trail called the E-Lane open to residents and their guests, as well as a dog park.

Each of the six sub-developments has its own HOA.

The death of developer Anthony Costello in March of 2016 was followed by a court dispute over his estate, which left The Reserve unfinished. By October 2018 the project was for sale, HOA employees and vendors had been dismissed or were not being paid, and residents were contemplating legal action.1

In August 2022 the development was sold to Reserve Interests LLC (headed by Frank Imburgia Jr.). Conditions attached to an associated loan require Reserve Interests to make improvements within three years. This has resolved ongoing litigation by a residents group, although some legal activity continues.2


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2015-10-11 11:27:21   Ugh. Looks like a bunch of McMansions and bland suburban apartment complexes. —EileenF