Ticas With A Twist

Former Location
280 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14608

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They closed in January 2015.


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2013-08-31 21:55:16   Can't believe there are no reviews yet! My husband and I went there tonight and were shocked at how empty the place was. We sat outside despite the slight threat of rain, and the view was AMAZING. You are right on the water. The place is not as high-end as some of the others in Corn Hill Landing, but the food was very good. I had the veggyzagna and it was very flavorful and came with a nice sized salad. I was a huge fan of the Aladdin's in Ithaca, and found that the ones in the Rochester area vary widely based on who owns them. Ticas used to be an Aladdin's, and it was the same owner as the one in Pittsford (which I had terrible experience with, but had a lovely view). I've eaten at the one on Monroe, and the food was great but the atmosphere was so-so. Ticas felt like the best of both worlds. The food was good and the view was fabulous! I hope more people try this place. Esp if the weather is nice, make sure to sit outside! —Joslin

2013-09-07 16:44:45   We went last evening looking for Tico (Costa Rican) food - as in "Ticas". Well the "twist" seems to be that they really only do a very limited amount of Tico food as specials. Fortunately, last evening they were serving a "casado" which is a Tico standard. We both had that and were delighted by the flavors in the chicken and the beans. There were only 3 tables of patrons in the whole place on a Friday evening and with that level of business the service seemed rather "leisurely". Prices for the casado and wine seemed a bit higher than I might have expected for what you were getting. The server really sold us on rice pudding for dessert, but we were disappointed the rice was undercooked and the dish had shredded coconut in it (that is not my favorite). IMO if they are going to be a Greek/Med place they should change the branding, or if they are going to be Ticas/Tico they need more Latin/Tico options. —jgerek

2013-11-01 14:55:45   Did the former tenants of Tica's building (Aladdin's) leave their menu behind when they left? Because the Tica's menu is eerily similar. Similar enough to make me suspect that they just... copied and tweaked it. And I don't mean just the fact that they serve Mediterranean "cuisine" — if you look up both restaurants' menus, 75% of the items have the same names and same descriptions... the ingredients for each item are often even listed in the same order.

On another note, I concur with jgerek: Why do they use the name "Ticas" if 95% of their menu is Mediterranean fare? Change the name, or change the menu — it's misleading (not to mention potentially plagiarized). —ajh

2014-05-01 07:03:24   Just be thankful we have a place like this locally! Everything we've had on tthe menu has been great, but their daily specials, some great Costa Rican food, have been especially wonderful. Don't hesitate to ask your server to repeat and "tour" these off-the-menu specials. It will be worth it. Fresh, tasty, and plentiful. Go, and go often. —URalum