University of Rochester/Mount Hope Campus

590-692 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

The Mount Hope Campus refers to the collection of University of Rochester offices located on Mt. Hope Avenue near the River Campus. It consists of several beautifully restored Victorian buildings constructed by Ellwanger and Barry, two of which are reserved as the residences of the University President and Provost. These are the Witmer House and Patrick Barry House, respectively. Ellwanger and Barry's former office at 668 Mt. Hope is now the University of Rochester Press. The Mount Hope Campus also includes the offices of Conferences & Events and Environment Health & Safety. The latter, located on the corner of Mt. Hope and McLean, was formerly known as the Fairbanks Alumni House.

Most of the Mount Hope Campus is located in the Lilac Neighborhood. Mount Hope Cemetery is right across the street from this portion. There are also a couple of buildings on the South Wedge side of Mt. Hope Avenue.


CE.JPGOffice of Conferences and Events (used to be blue). Witmer.JPGThe Witmer House McLean.JPGEnvironment Health & Safety on McLean Street.
URPress2.JPGUR Press Barry.JPGPatrick Barry House



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