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I, Jason, am a 30-something husband, dad, and indie music and film fantatic who lives out in suburbia in Churchville.

I work at a legal publishing firm as a publishing specialist doing a lot of coding and reading while trying to keep my sarcasm to minimal buzz. I loathe garbage plates, but enjoy Rohrbach Brewing Company beer. Also, I am up for an occasional game of No-Limit (and limit) Texas Holdem Poker, Razz, Omaha, and 7 Card Stud.

On the internets:
I have my own dot org [WWW]here.
Sometimes I take [WWW]pictures.
My [WWW] profile for the musically inclined/inquisitive.

Some of my favorite Rochester places are:

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2009-08-17 05:44:25   I'M KIND OF CURIOUS WHO YOUR SEVER WAS AT JOHNS TEX MEX —garyshade