Xanthium February 2007.jpgXanthium Circa 2007. (Left to Right) Kevin Rebel, Mykel Nitro, Jeremia Shannon, Vinnie-J, and Alex Bellanca

Former Members
Mykel Nitro
Alex X. Bellanca
Kevin Rebel
Vincent Rodeo
Jeremia Shannon
(Proto) Subvert-Rock
Active From
July 2006-August 2008

Xanthium was a Subvert-Rock band from Greece in late 2005 as a jam band between brothers Alex and Mykel "Nitro" Bellanca, and friend Kevin "Rebel" Hannon. Vincent "Vinnie-J" Rodeo III joined on bass along with Jeremia Shannon on vocals in July 2006; This marked the band's official inception. After several image and sound changes, Xanthium would slowly evolve into Intrinsic in August 2008.

The creative flow quickly sparked and the new band known as Xanthium played their first show on January 25, 2007 at The Penny Arcade. Over the next few months, the band would play small shows, primarily birthday parties (etc.), and making music. Some of these songs would go on to become singles for the future band Intrinsic such as Below The Surface, That Was Sweet, and Curl Your Toes; "That Was Sweet" would end up going onto Intrinsic's debut album "Ultra Violence".

Xanthium released their first and only album on May 26, 2007, it was titled "Glass Monkey" and had 10 tracks. In July, Xanthium came in 4th out of 12 in a Battle of the Bands, their second show. Several weeks later, Jeremia Shannon and Vinnie-J were released from the band, making Xanthium a power trio/three piece with a drummer as the lead vocalist. Over the next several months, Xanthium spent their time writing and recording new music that would be released as singles. In June 2008, Xanthium would play at The California Brew Haus; Ironically, a band called Comedown was also on the bill, a band that Mykel Nitro would join three years later.

Over the summer of 2008 until September of 2008, Xanthium played several shows and planned to release an EP titled "Below The Surface", until bassist Kevin Rebel quit the group. Xanthium chose to break up but Al-X and Mykel chose to release the EP with their new group [Intrinsic] and titled it "Just A Kick-Ass Demo". They wanted to use the songs they had spent money on to record and not let them go to waste. Xanthium was officially deemed ended on September 21, 2008, allowing Intrinsic to begin their rise in Rochester, NY.


On August 18, 2009 it was rumored that the 'original' Xanthium would reunite and put on a few shows, this was never confirmed and was left alone. However, the original band did get back together to record two new songs called "Mattress Stress" and "Now That It's Over", but never planned on any reunion shows. On March 20, 2012 original drummer of Xanthium, Mykel Nitro, announced that the 'original' Xanthium will get back together to re-release their only studio album "Glass Monkey". He also went on to say: "we are also considering to do a reunion show, but only one. Xanthium is NOT getting back together to stay back together, it's a one time thing to support the re-release of the album and that's all." The line-up will be Jeremia Shannon on vocals, Alex Bellanca on (lead) guitar, Kevin Rebel on (rhythm) guitar, Vinnie-J on bass, and Mykel Nitro on drums and backing vocals. Nitro later mentioned "it's an idea, the album WILL be re-released, and we hope to do the reunion show. As long as everyone agrees to it, it will happen". On August 31, 2012, the band confirmed that the reunion show will NOT happen, but the album will be re-released on May 20, 2013.

"The idea of a reunion is always fun to toss around, but making it happen at this moment in time would be extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible. We're all on different paths in life right now, and the Bellanca brothers have far too much going on with Intrinsic. Hopefully we can make a reunion happen some day sooner than later, but we can not and will not make any promises until the planets are aligned properly."
- Xanthium: August 31, 2012.


Studio Album(s)/LP(s)
*Glass Monkey (May 20, 2007)


Past Members
Alex Bellanca - Guitars (July 2006-September 2008)
Mykel "Nitro" Bellanca - Drums (July 2006-June 2007) Drums & Vocals (June 2007-September 2008)
Kevin "Rebel" Hannon - Rhythm Guitar (July 2006-September 2007) Bass (August 2007- September 2008)
Vincent "Vinnie-J" Rodeo III - Bass (July 2006-August 2007)
Jeremia Shannon - Vocals (July 2006-August 2007)

Associated Acts

September Starting
West Winds Fall


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