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Top Ten Bars for College Students in Rochester

One of the many reasons that Rochester is an attractive place for prospective college students is that it has a thriving nightlife. Whether you are looking for dancing, live music, convenient location, a mellow atmosphere, or just a place with a great beer selection, Rochester has something for everyone. This list is not intended to be exclusive by any means, just a great starting place for younger people who are new to the bar scene in Rochester.

1. SoHo East
Newly renovated, SOHO East is one of the best bar/night clubs in Rochester. The staff and bartenders are friendly and professional. The music is usually hip-hop from the early '90s to the present, with some occasional techno mixed. A giant projection screen overlooks the almost always packed dance floor. It also has a fantastic deck with a full service bar. The recently added lounge and VIP sections are two nice indoor places to get away from the energy of the dance floor as well.

2. Coyote Joes
Located on the corner of Alexander and East, Coyote Joe's is a great all around bar, especially when the weather is nice. Inside there are two bars and a decent sized dance floor. Outside there is very large patio with a great bar. This bar is very popular in the spring and summer, and fills up with a lot of college kids from the Rochester area. The music is mostly hip-hop. The bartenders are also great and the drinks are reasonably priced.

3. Nathaniel's
Location Location Location. Nathaniels has a good atmosphere, good beer selection, and great food. It is very close in proximity to Blue Cross Arena and has a shuttle that runs from Nathaniel's to BCA. They have a very friendly staff and their friday fish fry is fantastic. When the weather is nice they have a great deck that gets a lot of use.

4. The Old Toad
Probably the best beer selection in Rochester. This bar is staffed entirely with British exchange students, and has a great atmosphere. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgable, and this pub is a nice change of pace from the rest of the bars on A Street. And come on, free dinners on your birthday.

5. Dublin Underground (formerly Whiskey's)
This bar has a little bit of everything. The upstairs section is a lot like a local pub with a dart board, friendly bartenders, and a newly added patio area. The downstairs area has a dance floor that can get crowded on the weekends to DJ's or live music. There is also a small lounge area next with some couches and a pool table downstairs. Overall, it is a friendly atmosphere with a great staff, and the drinks are never watered down.

6. Daisy Dukes
A little taste of the country in Rochester, NY. Daisey Dukes has a great atmosphere for those who love everything country. Playing country music throughout the night, Daisey Dukes comes complete with a fairly good beer selection, a friendly staff, and even a mechanical bull. A little tacky, but it's certainly a bar that is worth checking out at least once.

7. Water Street Music Hall
If you were looking for a place that has the draw of well known musical acts, and the intimacy of a smaller venue, Water Street was a great place to check out. Mid-level bands were common on a weekly basis, and you can get within 20 feet of the musicians at any show. They also had a large bar with slightly overpriced drinks, but the live music is always worth it.

8. Mex
Mex was a mexican restaurant/bar with decent food, a great atmosphere and even better frozen margaritas. It's was a nice change of pace from a lot of the bars on A. Street. The mediocre food and pricey drinks were balanced out by the great atmosphere and fantastic bartenders.

9. Richmond's
Although this bar is a little less well known than the others on this list, it is truly a gem. You can get food here every night of the week until 2 am which is rare. The food is also some of the best bar food you will find in the entire city. Although it can get a little noisy, Richmond's is a great place if you are looking to eat some great food, enjoy some beer, and throw a couple games of darts.

10. Matthew's
BEST WINGS IN ROCHESTER. If you are looking for a great spot to enjoy some wings and good beer, this is your bar. It is located a short walk from Eastman Theatre so it is a great place to go grab a beer before or after catching a show. 25 cent wings on Monday nights, and the wings are fantastic. It's a great spot during football season to grab pitchers and wings for Monday Night Football.

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