Hojack Swing Bridge


hojack.jpgHojack Swing Bridge - [WWW]Larger View BradMandell The Hojack Swing Bridge used to sit in the center of the Genesee River near Lake Ontario where it originally was used to transport trains across the river. The bridge was built by the King Bridge Company (see references) for the New York Central Railroad in 1905, replacing a previous bridge. It served part of a rail line known as the [wikipedia]Hojack Line - which ran from Niagara Falls to Oswego.

After traffic on the rail line ceased, remnants of the shore connections fell into disrepair. The bridge itself sat in a permanent open position and suffered from lack of care or preservation. About 2010 the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers began serious efforts to have the bridge removed to improve the harbor and remove a potential hazard to navigation. The bridge and its foundation were finally removed in late 2012.

Efforts to Save the Hojack Bridge

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