Lake Shore Boulevard - Seaway Trail


Lake Shore Boulevard - Seaway Trail describes an important segment of the Seaway Trail that takes the traveler from the Lake Ontario State Parkway terminus at Lake Avenue in Charlotte to Culver Road in Irondequoit. See [WWW]Google Route Map of the Seaway Trail Segment.

Charlotte Attractions

As you exit the Lake Ontario State Parkway at Lake Avenue in Charlotte, you have wonderful opportunities to stop for some scenic views, take in some historic stops, or make a few interesting side trips off the main Seaway Trail.

Turn north on Lake Avenue toward Lake Ontario and take in the sights in and around Ontario Beach Park. Lots of photo opportunities in this area - some highlights:

Or, turn south on Lake Avenue towards Rochester to visit Turning Point Park, the beautiful and historic Riverside Cemetery and Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Kodak, etc. Find details on Lake Ave attractions.

Pattonwood Drive

Pattonwood Drive takes you across the Genesee River via the Patrick O'Rorke Bridge (you may have to wait for it to close) past the access road to the boatyards (photo spots here) and the Stutson Bridge Plaza for your shopping needs.

St Paul Boulevard

The Boulevard segment is only one short block taking you under the remains of an old railroad bridge that once carried the southbound spur of the [wikipedia]Hojack Line (see [WWW]Google Steet View")

You can make a left onto St Paul and at the end find a parking lot with views across the Genesee River to Ontario Beach Park and access to the Coast Guard Station.

Lake Shore Boulevard

A wide boulevard through a residential area with some attractive homes then enters the scenic Durand-Eastman Park and City Beach area. Stop and take in the views, stroll the beach, watch the wind surfers, have a picnic here or go up into the park to rest in a shady spot.

Sweet Fern Road

The east end of this segment of the trail takes you through some wonderful natural green-ways and under an umbrella of marvelous old trees that form a tunnel for the road.

Seabreeze Area Attractions

The termination of the segment at Culver Road is decision-time again - take a right and you are on your way, take a left and visit the Seabreeze area centered on the Seabreeze Amusement Park, the Irondequoit Bay Outlet, and the restaurants, bars and businesses in the area.