Route 441

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route441signage.pngNY Route 441

Southeast of Rochester
[WWW]Google Map of Route 441 Extent - includes Street View options
West to east from East Avenue at I-490 to Ontario Center Road in Ontario County.

NY State Route 441 is a major east-west route southeast of Rochester through eastern Monroe County and western Wayne County.

To tour Route 441, take Elmwood Avenue or East Avenue through Brighton and pick up Route 441 just west of the I-490 intersection.

Linden Avenue

The first segment is a four-lane highway and briefly takes on the name Linden Avenue. The Linden Oaks Office Park and Linden Oaks Medical Centers are close to the I-490 interchange, as is Corbett's Glen Nature Park. Then Linden Avenue turns off northeast and heads under the railroad tracks to intersect with Route 441 7/10ths of a mile further to the east before heading into East Rochester.

Divided Highway

Route 441 becomes divided higway shortly after it intersects again with Linden Avenue; it may not be marked as a [wikipedia]controlled access highway on maps, but it certainly drives like one. The section has no street name and enters Penfield where it passes over Panorama Trail and intersects with Route 153.

Penfield Road

Route 441 slows after passing over Panorama Trail and takes on the name Penfield Road until it becomes Walworth Penfield Road as it enters West Walworth.

Note that Penfield Road (sometimes affectionately called Old Penfield Road) starts at its western terminus at East Avenue/Route 96 and travels east until after it passes Panorama Plaza. Eastbound traffic cannot continue onto Penfield Road/Route 441, but must take Panorama Trail to eastbound Route 441 at the overpass. Westbound traffic on Route 441 from Penfield can exit 441 and continue on westbound Penfield Road headed toward Panorama Plaza.

Penfield Road intersects with Five Mile Line Road at "Penfield Four Corners" and with Route 250 (Fairport-Nine Mile Point Road), where you will find Wegmans Plaza - Penfield and other strip malls.

Heading east, just past Watson Street, it becomes rural in nature, with the population density decreasing as you approach Walworth. At Ontario Center Road, Route 441 turns into Route 205. After intersecting with Hall Center Road, it turns into Route 207, finally terminating at South Main Street in Marion.

All in all, the road is an interesting exercise in seeing the proximity of diverse lifestyles in the area, going from dense urban to suburban to farmland and villages, all in under 30 miles. With the exception of the Route 153 exit and the area around Route 250, don't expect to see much in the way of commerce or industry on the drive.



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