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2007-12-10 01:36:17   On Woody's, I'll agree that it was more acid-tongued editorial than fact, but it would still be handy to document the type of crowd in attendance.

Any idea on how that can be accomplished? —DaveMahon

2007-12-10 11:15:59   Damn. I was hoping that you had a brilliant idea. —DaveMahon

2007-12-10 13:14:02   Thanks for the skiing suggestions! —RachelBlumenthal

2007-12-20 09:12:29   Some internet jukebox's allow for filters based on genre. The jukebox I spoke of in particular used to have no such filters but some were added recently to limit the music available. —DarrenKemp

2008-03-06 12:07:51   Badfish I didn't touch the description on the SW Smoke Shop. I was referring to the pictures being oversized in the previous versions. —PeteB

2008-04-01 14:15:49   Badfish—regarding the issue with your friend and Wild Noodles. Please suggest they call the Entertainment Book company @ 1-888-231-SAVE. Ask for Homer in the Escalation Department and he'll look into the issue. —PeteB

2008-05-07 16:53:30   BadFish-Thanks for the compliments. I hope that you've been back, especially considering that you don't seem to care for my neighbors down the street. —JamesRowe

2008-05-15 11:58:02   Your profile was eaten by the migration script; thus, your most recent edit to this page (5/8) is missing. I owe you a beer. —Users/RyanTucker

2008-05-28 15:05:05   Quick edits don't allow for commenting on edits —AlexanderGartley

2008-06-09 16:11:48   Thanks for the update about the Pollywogg, I'm planning to revisit them this year and take some pics with my new professional grade camera. —TravisOwens

2008-08-27 13:25:28   We already have a realtors page. —DaveMahon

2008-09-02 23:18:31   Park Ave is definitely a great place to cruise. You've got to step it up and start carving up some hills though! The Roc has so much to offer a longboarder. —WillChesebro

2008-10-03 14:35:30   Thank you BadFish, I did not mean to do that, my comment was deleted and I was looking around the page to see why. Thanks again. —AthenaStephanopolous

2008-11-16 01:32:57   Thanks BadFish, I've added that info to the Greenway page. —AdamDurand

2008-12-02 17:21:25   I call 'em as I see 'em when I see 'em. This should be an interesting discussion. Thanks for the heads-up :-) —Users/RyanTucker

2008-12-30 13:55:54   Your getting your Italian restaurant names messed up. Pomodoro is on University. Portofino is on W Hen Rd. Portobello is dead. There is also no ('s) on any of these restaurants names. —MrRochester

2009-01-14 09:43:52   Hey, thanks for the comment. I think the solution that PeteB came up with (move the Tanning Salons page content to the Salons page and keep the Tanning Salons page as a redirect) consolidates the information, but still helps people find tanning locations without having to look under 'Salons'. —AlexanderGartley

2009-01-16 13:07:06   Sorry if I offended your favorite restaurant, I dont live by a PC mindset. But I am entitled to any opinion I want, as you are as well.

I write whatever I am thinking, because thats what this is, an opinion website. If you dont like my review, skip it. Its a free country.

Most likely we have nothing in common, come from VERY different backgrounds, and were not raised in a similar manner. Thats what makes the world go round. You should be open to people of all backgrounds and mindsets, Im not saying be a treehugger, but be accepting. None of my posts use profanity or are offensive, they just speak the truth.

Learn to take life with a laugh and a grain of salt, this isnt cancer, just f-in Rocwiki. —MrRochester

2009-01-20 14:28:36   @Mr. Rochester: You didn't offend me with anything you said, in fact I have some of the same opinions. The difference is I know when and where to state those things. So it is not about the effect your comments have on me—there is not much of one.

My point is understand your medium. The cracks I make in person are very different than what I would write on this site. Most readers don't know you or your "sense" of humor as you see it.

Funny true story of why I posted the comment. RocWiki came up when some friends and I were out for beers. They all read it, but none have a user name and/or posted here, they asked mine, I said I use a pseudonym and they had to guess. The first (anti)guess was, "Oh god, you are not that obnoxious pr*ck, [your former screen name] are you?" I said no and they said "good, I would have lost respect for you." (K, you might not think that is funny, but it is honestly a true story.)

So post as you wish, no skin off my back. I am just saying you may be making yourself look like a bit of a jackass. —BadFish

2009-01-20 16:56:25   No,not interested in others opinions. To each their own. —MrRochester

2009-03-02 16:57:45   Mr. BadFish-Just realized it was Erik's page (I blanked for some reason)....thanks for correcting that. I'll just revert it again —PeteB

2010-01-20 23:46:05   Badfish-I moved your compliment for Animal Emergency Service to Veterinary Specialists of Rochester which is the proper name for the facility —PeteB

2011-07-15 16:26:33   It's amusing to come back to the rocwiki world after 4-5 years, but I wanted to put your mind at ease about something you have probably forgotten about entirely — StarMcKenzie and EternalStudent were never the same person (re: your otherwise much appreciated message to him). I gave what was perhaps an inexperienced description of Bodhi's when I created that page — but I'm sorry that you interpreted it as some sort of ad from an owner/employee. —EternalStudent

2011-11-26 20:55:39   Why don't we discuss it at the December meeting....I'll add it to the agenda. My concern is there are other masseuse people on RocWiki and NOW you have an issue. Either way please don't delete them until a communal decision is made. Thanks for the reply. Hope you can be there —PeteB

2011-11-27 17:09:15   BF-an email was sent to the RocWiki General Discussion list about the masseuse issue. —PeteB

2011-12-15 12:15:11   actually what i would do is keep the comment intact and simply remove the mention of his blog out of the comment, and add his blog to the Blogs page. just my 2 cents. —TippingPoint

2012-02-20 18:46:29   My interpretation of the Interesting Pages List was that it lists pages that are fun, offbeat, or just really cool. There's a lot on there that I would not consider to be well-known Rochester institutions. Bubble tea, for instance, (which I removed) is Taiwanese and is served everywhere. Most people have never heard of Claude Bragdon. The Medina Railroad Museum is just a railroad museum. I guess I see the list as a way for people to also learn about unusual things in Rochester. —EileenF

2012-05-24 21:16:43   It's not within NOTA borders. I moved it below to the Nearby category. —EileenF

2012-05-24 21:23:01   Everything in the Strong-Todd house is listed on the East Avenue page. —EileenF

2012-10-20 20:15:29   Why did you remove the article about the Public Market? It's a good source of information about the neighborhood, its challenges, and the ideas people have to improve it. —EileenF

2012-10-20 21:13:43   I read it over and I agree with Eileen. The article should be fine here —peteb

2012-11-01 13:19:40   fixed—thx. I lost track of that —peteb

2012-11-08 18:52:00   Sorry about that on Jim Alesi. Wishful thinking. —peteb

2012-11-12 20:06:47   Maybe it's my monitor, but the table is a mess. —EileenF

2013-01-05 17:23:29   Hey Badfish-hope all is well. Re: Rochester Contemporary...nothing against you specifically but I don't agree with your removal of the scheduling stuff. They're non-profit. I have emailed the list to open discussion on allowing this type of scheduling material to be allowed for non-profits. —peteb

2013-01-08 16:05:30   Badfish—I think you went overboard in what you removed, man. It is now up for discussion on the mailing list. —peteb

2013-07-24 19:08:17   I deleted it earlier—it was a full page of beauty tips. I may have marked it to delete permanently accidentally-I apologize. Trust me it was spam —peteb

2013-07-24 23:46:07   Could be someone's old RocWiki account was hacked. That happened with my email account once. Everyone in my contact list got spam emails from my address. —EileenF

2013-07-24 23:50:35   When I saw it, it had not existed before-it was a new acct created by the spammer. —peteb

2013-07-25 15:45:39   She's unbanned but if someone has the password to the acct it'll probly happen again —peteb

2013-10-01 21:25:45   I've actually seen print copies of Crook Book News around. It's legit, not spam. —EileenF

2013-10-08 19:39:47   I realize U of R and just veg restaurants is a narrow focus, though that contribution was simply because that is my area of expertise. I figured other people who are more well-versed on non-vegan restaurants and non-UR bus lines could contribute the more general information on bus navigation. —MelodyJaros

2013-11-14 22:06:58   Agree, I was trying to figure out who that guy was when I saw the edit. —Damiankumor

2013-12-08 18:17:40   I think the ad you removed from the Manufacturers Representatives page might be okay since it goes to our Job Postings page rather than an external link. Maybe if we rephrased it in the third person? —EileenF

2014-01-01 15:51:56   BF - Regarding Roch Mentors: Sept 2012 project report was labeled as "Final" - Sponsors indicated that it was a 3-year funded project - Newland's death did not come until a year later in Fall 2013 - I think there was hope to develop a long-term initiative but it seems pretty well gone now —jgerek

2014-02-26 10:56:05   The Rochesteriat gave me permission to use any of their photos as long as it was attributed to them. —EileenF

2014-05-01 16:46:51   BadFish, you removed a substantial amount of content from with the comment "neutral point of view". Would you mind contacting me at to tell me what was inappropriate in my long description of the festival? I'm new to posts here, and I merely attempted to follow the pattern of other film festivals. —swagner

2014-05-01 16:50:51   ... specifically, I patterned, which is way more verbose than I was. —swagner

2014-05-19 16:00:57   We note gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian all the time. I don't see why we can't note that a place is kosher too. —EileenF

2014-05-20 08:16:49   Bad: Note that in some portions of our community knowing that an establishment is Kosher is of paramount importance to whether some people will even walk in the door. And knowing the "level" of Kosher, and exactly who "certifys" that fact, is also critical. Often a restaurant will have a few vegetarian items or a few gluten-free items, and may choose to advertise them, but in its truest sense Kosher is an "all or nothing" situation. Noting the basic facts in a wiki post is not "advertising". Please don't condemn one entry because another is or is not complete with other information. —jgerek

2014-05-20 08:26:25   I don't want RocWiki to get into the figuring out the level of Kosher-ness. There's only so many food related things we can talk about. I'd like to see more content about local going ons instead of restaurants. —Damiankumor

2014-05-20 20:09:39   The kosher information for Rita's is relevant. I maintain the "Kosher Food" page which contains a list of all kosher establishments, including Rita's. Anyone who keeps kosher needs to know who the supervising Rabbi or organization is. —sdubois

2014-05-20 21:06:23   These are the only places that can legally be Kosher in NYS. [WWW] The have a search engine [WWW]

2014-05-20 21:21:27   Since the Kosher food page is maintained, hyper-specific mention of it on the individual page isn't needed. Looking at just a sampling of the vegan and gluten free dining guides, I found a vast majority of the restaurants listed on the guide had no dietary mention on the restaurant page itself. —badfish

2014-05-20 21:34:53   Also, I took a look at the search engine. Granted I only searched for places within the city of Rochester. Out of the 17 establishments on the Rocwiki Kosher page, only 3 of them were listed on the NYS page. (N.B.: That's NOT a perfect statistic, I did not look at Kosher places that may only have locations in the 'burbs. However there a few places like the Ben & Jerry's at RIT which have a Rochester mailing address even though they are in Henrietta, but didn't show up om the registry. Brownstien's showed up even though they are physically located in Bright—they have a Roch mailing address.) How stringent are the laws about this? Does Rocwiki bear any responsibility if they list a place as Kosher when it isn't recognized on the NYS page? Is the NYS page really the end-all-be-all? Even if there are no legal repercussions, is it a shitty thing to do to direct these folks who have this dietary concern to an establishment that claims to be Kosher but might not be? (I had no clue this would be such a can of worms.) —badfish

2014-05-20 21:35:52   The "Kosher Food" page only provides links to the individual pages, it itself does not contain more specific information about the kosher supervision. A vegan/vegetarian consumer simply needs to know that an establishment has vegan/vegetarian food, but a kosher consumer needs to know more information, such as who the supervising rabbi/organization is, if the establishment is meat or dairy, etc. It is worth pointing out that if you google "Rochester Kosher", RocWiki is one of the top links. Having relevant kosher information on pages is not only good for kosher consumers, but certainly also helps the popularity of RocWiki. —sdubois

2014-05-20 21:38:01   And to your latest comment regarding the NY State kosher database, that is not something we need to be concerned with. If we have the relevant kosher information on the pages of kosher establishments, it is up to the consumer to decide if the kosher certification is up to their standards. That is why it is important to mention who the certifying Rabbi is. —sdubois

2014-05-20 22:19:46   Let's leave the rabbis then. However if they aren't in the NYS database can they claim kosher? —Damiankumor

2014-05-20 23:11:08   Again, I'd say let's just do it like it's already being done with things like vegan and gluten free concerns. Maintain the Kosher Dining guide page, but not every restaurant that has Kosher food needs to have that on the page. Put the Rabbi info on the Kosher Dining guide as well. A place like the Owl House has vegan and vegetarian food mentioned on the Owl house page because they specifically cater to that. Ben & Jerry's doesn't because it is just an option just they also have vegan, gluten free, low sugar or low fat items. It's totally cool to leave the Kosher listing on the Sabra Grill page because that's obviously something they specialize in.

Also, I am not sure how I feel about the "we don't have to be concerned about the NYS page" comment you made as that page specifically says that by law, to be Kosher an establishment has to register with that page. Most of the places you say are Kosher are not listed in that database. By rights, they should be removed from the wiki on a "citation needed" concern unless they are re-added with said citation. I'm not going to be the one to remove them because you added them and seem to have an interest and vested concern. So even though I don't know if the info's legit, I figure you care enough so it probably is. My gut is maybe they aren't legally Kosher as defined by law, but they probably adhere to Kosher standards and some in the Kosher communkty accept them so knock yourself out.

2014-05-20 23:35:38   How about we include kosher supervision info on pages for establishments that actually have kosher supervision? For example, Rita's has supervision from a local Rabbi, whereas Ben and Jerry's does not. It should be noted that every certified kosher establishment in Rochester already has their kosher information mentioned on their pages. —sdubois

2014-05-20 23:51:15   I personally don't think the rabbi has anything to do with having it on the restaurant page. I think it has to do with how much of a focus it is by the restaurant/establishment. If they advertise themselves as having Kosher stuff, then cool, roll with it. Again I refer to the Owl House/Vegan example. A listing on the establishment page comes from the establishment showing this as a focus rather as just an option.

To throw a wrench into everything, I'd say if you want every page that has Kosher stuff to list that it has Kosher stuff, then let's talk about whether Kosher/Gluten-free/Vegan/Lactose-free/etc should be added to the defining items of an establishment, just like address, hours, alcohol, handicapped accessibility. etc. are now. I don't like that and would disagree, but can see how this debate naturally raises that possibility. —badfish

2014-05-21 02:14:27   My opinion—if a business/restaurant says they're kosher—it's good enough for me. If they're on the list—then that's fine to include them as well. —peteb

2014-05-21 10:06:53   On the Kosher food page, put the Rabbi there. The restaurants can link to that page for Kosher. —Damiankumor

2014-06-12 15:39:22   Agreed. Let's lock it. Maybe make an alternative page for people who want to review it? —EileenF

2014-06-19 01:30:36   I think you went overkill on Eldre Corporation, badfish. They have a right to list individual manufacturing processes/procedures they perform. That's not marketing, that's just stating what they can do —peteb

2014-06-23 09:07:30   So for the king of the NPOV and no-SEO, how does the Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks listing grab you? Along with all its subpages, redirects, pages-to-be, etc? —jgerek

2014-06-30 11:14:10   No, I say we just fix them. —EileenF

2014-07-02 21:30:14   My comments about Hobby Lobby being anti-Semitic had nothing to do with the current issue and Supreme Court ruling. They have been known (in year past) to not supply any Jewish holiday merchandise in heavily populated Jewish areas, while supplying Christmas merchandise during the holiday season. When approached about the issue, some derogatory remarks about Jews were made. It was not until public pressure and lots of bad press that an apology was made. To me, that shows antisemitism. —scotthendler

2014-10-02 16:51:09   Yup. There's Studio 34 Bead and Jewelry Arts. I'd merge the two but I don't have time today. —EileenF

2014-10-03 01:56:23   Merge done —peteb

2014-12-18 01:25:55   FYI I left you an email from my gmail acct :) —peteb

2015-05-25 18:35:24   These pictures I just uploaded are all ones I took. —EileenF

2015-10-27 05:42:39   Can you leave a comment on Marketing's user page explaining the problem with their edits? I already did and they're not getting it. —EileenF

2015-10-30 10:49:30   I think you're right on Rory. It was a stretch to create that page :) —alexandergartley

2015-11-11 12:05:01   It was PeteB's idea. It's because Yelp is really shady in terms of review veracity and its interactions with small businesses. —EileenF

2017-01-08 18:38:36   Badfish, I am fine with the change. We may want to look at the Painting with a twist page, as that has information about Roc, sip and paint.

2019-04-30 16:15:59   Hi Badfish, I reverted your deletion of Filipino Martial Arts because creating it was done to meet the standard in the Martial Arts page. If the page isn't considered specific to Rochester, then all of the Martial Arts pages need to be deleted—or merged into it. Just letting you know in case I was the one that messed up. I'm new here and all. —mkstu

2019-10-13 16:25:06   LivingStressFree is a local business FYI. Not setup properly but they are local —peteb