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Finally A Profile.

My name is Bridgette Taylor; I just got married so it's finally changed legally. I was a wee little sick baby, born on 7 July, 1979 at 5:14 AM in New Jersey. Why they chose Jersey as my first view of the world I will never understand. I've lived close to Philly my whole life, except for a brief detour to Rochester where I went and snagged me a husband! OK, that wasn't really the plan, more like a bonus for the miserable winters I put up with. I lived in the Roch for 7 years, completely against my will- which really means completely crippled by my small bank account. When I was in Rochester you could usually find me at one of the many coffeehouses; MCC; the Mercer Art Gallery where I worked; and on rare occasions, at Vertex. Or visiting one of my favourite people in the world, [WWW]Jason Morningstar. I do miss a few things in Rochester: Wegmans sushi; La-Tea-Da; Mercer Art Gallery (especially Janis and Kathy); Primitive Impressions obviously; the used book stores; Flavors of Asia; Cobb's Hill; that wonderful woman at Utta Clutta; Equal Grounds; my in-laws; my darling friends. As for Rochester itself- eh, not so much.

So now due to fate, money, family and cancer of all things, I am now living back in the [WWW]Lower Bucks County burbs of Philadelphia, with my husband and our 2 weird cats. My mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June, so my days right now are pretty much spent taking care of her. Which means that I'm busy, but idle. So I'm knitting lots and lots of things. And I'm getting so much better at it. I just opened up a shop online where I sell things I make; right now there's only a few items cause it's all still so new. Selling things I make is so scary and awesome at the same time. Go buy my stuff!! [WWW](in)organic.

I am very disappointed that Philly doesn't really have a wiki like this, which is probably why I'm still haunting you guys.
There is now a [WWW]Phillywiki, but it's still brand-new and mostly empty. You can find me there at: [WWW]BridgetteTaylor

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2006-10-21 08:26:16   Hmm, it's been 6 months and I'm still not peeing my pants. —TravisOwens

2007-01-13 02:28:47   Don't be so impatient TravisOwens! —BridgetteTaylor

2007-06-26 23:12:11   Peeing my pants? That's nothing new...

With joy? Admittedly a change of pace. —CalebKelsey

2007-12-05 05:06:38   Wow I forgot about this website, yes I did. But I moved to Philly, so...... I guess it was never meant to be? —BridgetteTaylor

2007-12-05 08:53:16   I've also added a link for Mercer Art Gallery. Simply click on it to create a new page. Use the Business Template and fill in the information. When you finish, add the following code to Art/Spaces: ["Mercer Art Gallery"]. —DaveMahon

2007-12-05 19:58:44   Thanks DaveMahon, I'll go edit it when I have a free moment. —BridgetteTaylor

2008-02-07 14:27:56   Another 7/7/79 baby! Hooray! I think this means we have to meet. My brother was born on 7/7/74 and my best female friend was born on 7/7/80, but you're the first person I've known of to be born on my same day/year.

I visited Philly a couple years ago for the Body Worlds plastination exhibit, very cool. My only aunt also has metasized cancer, but converse to your situation, I've been coping by hiding out instead of helpfulness. Kudos to you to being braver than some of us :)

Love your etsy stuff. I sell taxidermy and origami crane mobiles on there: [WWW]