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Darren Kemp
    I am a computer contractor currently employed at a large educational facility. I live in the Park Avenue neighborhood with my wife and son. I have lived in Rochester since transferring to Rochester Institute of Technology in August of 1993 to pursue a computer science degree. I am a big believer in supporting local businesses and frequent many of the establishments in the Park/Monroe area. parkave.jpgPark Ave fest
Rochester things I like/frequent:
* Acme Bar & Pizza
* Enright's thirst parlor
* Marshall street bar and grill
* Monty's Krown
* Dogtown Hots
* Sol Burrito
* Chen Garden
* calabresella Importers of Italian & Greek food
Cool Places
* Fantasy Raceways
Cool Pages
* Pinball Locations

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2007-04-25 11:20:53   Darren also likes/knows about Fantasy Raceways. Rock on. —RochesterGuy

2007-09-21 10:35:06   Fantasy raceways is the bomb. —DarrenKemp

2007-12-19 14:13:34   Darren, what is censor free "jukeboxing"? Thanks! —BadFish

2008-02-13 19:01:50   Darren, my boyfriend had the same complaint about the "fatty" beef at SEA. He asked them for a leaner recommendation and was happy with their advice. Of course I can't remember which one was suggested. However, you may want to try that the next time you go :) —OneLove

2008-04-02 11:18:52   Hey Darren - you mentioned you knew the owners of Magpie in a comment. I would love to feature this new bar/restaurant in an upcoming column for Rochester City Newspaper. Let me know if you mind passing on my info. —TriciaSeymour

2008-04-27 11:52:46   I need help with my page. HELP! —MelyssaLembke

2008-09-02 14:05:51   Hi Darren, the "rampant opinion" on Chilango's has been there since the entry was created in Feb 2006 and not really out of line with a lot of contributor-created entries throughout RocWiki. I think some of the wording may have come from an original Max Lent review in the D&C based on - that is how my wife and I first found it. (see [WWW] —BradMandell