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2005-08-02 11:21:01   Hi John, How'd you find out about the wiki? —TobinFricke

2005-08-02 14:02:10   John is one of the SECR guys! Nice to see you are around and editing again John —FarMcKon

2005-10-02 14:09:18   Hey! I'm glad I got to meet you last night! Come by again —RyDahl

2005-10-31 20:02:56   Hey Tobin, Jon, Ry! I guess i don't check my own page much, apologies, but i added a browser subscription just now. —JohnLam

2005-10-31 20:23:42   I learned about the wiki sometime after December when i upgraded my browser. Its history no longer shows which page i found. After Google found the entry for Bagel Bin Cafe, but without it's hours of operation, after calling, i registered and added the hours. Months later on a SECR tour, i met Brette and foiks who mentioned the wiki almost immediately. Thank you for the welcome. great to meet y'all too. —JohnLam

2006-07-21 19:51:00   Hey Peter …sorry i missed your message the first time around. I'm not sure what's up with your setup. It might have been as simple as setting the default character set on your browser. I noticed some funkiness on one page upon using Flock sometime after the Sycamore transition too. Or it could be a with font choices. Since you do tech support, i suppose you're the expert there. —JohnLam

2006-12-24 11:09:08   Hi John...thank you for fixing my page! Your editing is greatly appreciated! —DeniseElliott

2006-12-27 20:46:52   You're very welcome, Denise! I also spiffed up “Soma Massage” just now too. —JohnLam

2007-02-12 11:55:48   Hey John—all our studies are non-invasive. We have some paper-and-pencil tests as well as some pretty cool computer tasks. If you want to know more, send me an email at rachelblumenthal625 at gmail dot com and I'll give you more details and the phone number of the lab. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-14 23:42:37   When you search for RocWiki in google, your user page is listed right under the main page for —BenMargolis

2007-03-30 14:29:38   8pm is the start time. —AdamBaratz

2007-03-31 17:36:07   what's this about RSS feeds of your page? how does that work? —GrahamSaathoff

2007-03-31 17:43:36   Hey John, you're bringing back scary undergrad memories mentioning 'race_condition'. Waitaminute, I think I was asleep in many undergrad classes. It was only in grad school that the class size became way too small for snoozing to be feasible. To be honest, I'm s bit ashamed to be a CS nerd and NOT contribute to the beyond-the-scenes work, but hey it's much more fun yapping about the analog having put good programming practices behind ya (i.e. "Comment your code!") —ChristineLeo

2007-04-02 20:23:50   Re: comment preview. I agree. Sometimes when I'm writing a long comment, I end up using the normal page edit function and fake the time stamp. A text completion macro like {datetime} would be great for times when I do this. Or may just a time stamp button in the editing tool bar. —AdamDewitz

2007-04-06 10:57:38   John, microformats are cool. Though I'm far too H/W-oriented these days to dare endanger the wiki. I think I understand what you're going for, but is it not precisely the unruly nature of comments that would render aggregating/organizing/automating efforts somewhat pointless? And the star system - that's a whole other can of worms (ugh, one of the most obnoxious cliches). Since we prefer to rant and rave - a 5* most likely aligns more with 'sentimental favorite' rather than 'culinary pinnacle'. Does that help info seekers? Perhaps I'm really off base as to how much stock a casual just-browsin' reader puts in drive-by ratings from equally-casual random writers. I'm all for structure and findability; having been down that path before with massive 'improvement' undertakings, I'm not convinced automation necessarily coaxes coherence out of user content. —ChristineLeo

2007-04-29 23:23:06   Hi John - I came across your name on the BarCampRochester wiki page, and wanted to let you know we're running a second one on May 12. <[WWW]>

It would be great to see you there! —JasonMorrison

2007-10-01 19:07:24   John, excellent suggestion, thanks! —AndreaCogliati

2008-05-26 10:52:14   You're arguing obtuse grammar on Rocwiki Tourists Guide and I believe you're incorrect.

Lever has the added connotation of attempting to open. Leverage seems more appropriate, since the site is trying to make use of its participants to enhance their position.

A/an is a sound rule, not a spelling rule. The first sound in useful is a consonant, so a is applicable. —DaveMahon

2008-05-27 23:37:20   You're right. He was nit picking. I'm just prone to allowing people to gopher in strange to obtuse ways if they want, I suppose. And I'll concede that your intended use of lever is reasonable, but I'd still maintain that most people wouldn't read it that way.

There's a reason newspapers write at a fifth grade (and down!) level. —DaveMahon

2008-09-17 14:36:15   Hi, you have hereby ADOPTED your original Events Board Syndication, which is not otherwise linked to (;>}