West Ridge Road

Travels east-west, through Greece and the northern portion of City of Rochester
West Ridge runs from Manitou Road (Rt 261) at the Greece-Parma border at its western end to the Veterans Memorial Bridge to the east.

About West Ridge Road

WestRidgeRoadWestEnd.jpg[WWW]Google Map Snapshot

WestRidgeRoadEastEnd.jpg[WWW]Google Map Snapshot West Ridge Road is the map referenced street name for a portion of the major east-west artery also known as Route 104 and Ridge Road in northwestern Monroe County. It connects to Ridge Road West on its western terminus and to the 104 Expressway and to East Ridge Road (via St. Paul St) at the Veterans Memorial Bridge.
Much of the route has undergone road improvements in the city area, with active work remaining in Greece. See

Intersecting Routes

Major Features on West Ridge Road

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