Ginger Beard


Ginger Beard is the name given to an anonymous artist who left prints and stickers of his work throughout various Rochester neighborhoods in early 2013. His trademark image is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln with a bright red beard and the words "GINGER BEARD" printed Soviet-style above his head.

Signs of Ginger Beard were most common in the South Wedge, including one on the famous "wedge of cheese" sculpture. Ginger Beard has also been spotted in North Winton Village, Park Avenue, the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood, the Village Gate, and even Eastview Mall. One variation was a picture of Uncle Sam wearing a "Gingerbeard Approved" button with a tag line of "I want you to be creative." The images are affixed using a homemade adhesive called wheat paste, a mixture of flour and boiling water.

Ginger Beard's aura of mysteriousness is reminiscent of the equally enigmatic Spaceman. However, according to Mike Governale of Rochester Subway, who interviewed Spaceman, the two are not the same person. Both artists have had their work featured in the Art Museum of Rochester.

P1010544.JPGMural by Gingerbeard in AMoR.

Image by EileenF. No copyright.



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