Spaceman is the pseudonym for an anonymous artist who plastered prints of his work all over Rochester in 2012. His trademark image was that of an astronaut but he was also known for his pinup-style renditions of women done in chiaroscuro shading. At various times Spaceman posters were spotted on the transformer boxes on the corners of Park and Oxford and Monroe and Alexander, on a Can of Worms underpass, a gas station on North Winton, and various other locales.

Mike Governale of the Rochester Subway blog finally scored an interview with the enigmatic figure in December 2012. The artist revealed that he is originally from Brooklyn and has no formal training. Of the Spaceman project, he says:

To attach his posters, Spaceman utilizes what is called wheat paste, an adhesive made by mixing flour into boiling water. It is a popular form of street art and new to the Rochester graffiti scene. Ginger Beard uses this method as well. 1

Prints of Spaceman's work were formally exhibited at the Art Museum of Rochester in April 2013.

Photo Gallery

Aladdins.JPGHidden inconspicuously on a popular Monroe Village restaurant. P1010543.JPGMural by Spaceman in AMoR. rochester-spaceman-04.jpgThe Spaceman.

Last two images are copyright Mike Governale at Rochester Subway. Used with permission.



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2013-04-21 12:20:12   The photo of the girl with the peace sign on her boob is not a spaceman.