Maggie Brooks

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Maggie A. Brooks None
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1955 Info Needed
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Known for
First female Monroe County Executive
First Monroe County Executive elected to third term
Monroe County Executive
Monroe County Clerk
News reporter and anchor

Maggie Brooks, a Republican, was elected as the Monroe County Executive in 2003. She was the first female County Executive, and in 2011 was the first elected to a third term.

Brooks leveraged her name recognition in Rochester as a television journalist for News 10 NBC, for her political career.

Political History
She served in the Monroe County Legislature before Governor George Pataki appointed her Monroe County Clerk, filling a vacancy left by Margaret DeFrancisco. She served as County Clerk, until she defeated Bill Johnson in the 2003 Monroe County Executive race.

In 2006, Gubernatorial candidate William Weld attempted to coax her into becoming his running mate, but she declined.

In 2012, Brooks ran against Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) for the 25th Congressional District, but lost with only 43% of the vote.

Years as County Executive
In February 2007, Brooks threatened to remove funding from the Rochester Central Library System because the library did not have a policy which prevented the use of the public internet computers to view pornography, despite that fact that many of the computers were in clear view of minors. This action followed from a report on Internet pornography that aired on local affiliate News 10 NBC, Brooks' former employer.

On February 22, 2008, Brooks announced that the county would appeal an [WWW]Appellate Court decision recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions under New York State marriage law.


2007 Gold Star Award from the Family Friendly Libraries
Maggie Brooks was voted "Best Politician in Need of a Slap to the Head" in City Newspaper's 'Best Of' Awards in 2008.1
2011 Henrietta Wells Livermore Woman of the Year Award by New York state Federation of Republican Women 2

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