Scott Miller Salon & Spa

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3340 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions]
Monday - Thursday: 9:00AM to 8:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
585 264 9940
Wheelchair Accessible
Both locations
<customerservice AT scottmillerstyle DOT com>

Scott Miller Salon & Spa is a spa and salon located in Pittsford. They had a second location in Webster that closed..

In 2015 the Pittsford shop expanded into the spaces formerly occupied by Candy Bear Land and Executive Eyewear, for a total of 5,000 square feet. They also opened a cosmetics section featuring brands such as La Mer, Tom Ford, Face, and the store-within-a-store M.A.C. Cosmetics.1



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2006-06-19 16:09:08   Scott: you're the 2 Vine of spas (so-busy, not-so-fancy)...and cheap for Uppity Pittsford when all I want is a plain facial. I stroll in past your apathetic clerks, through the zero-privacy-or-peace hair/nail areas, and sit behind a CURTAIN, to crunch on your gratis granola, if only to help drown out the noise. The experience is complete w/ a no-frills locker rm.; your treatment rm. makes claustrophobes out of normal people. "Professional, warm, inviting" never came to mind w/ 3 different “master” hair stylists (one of which gave me a 2" spike on the top of my head to accent my shoulder-length cut). Said stylist also suggested that I highlight my never-colored hair to "complete [my] stylish image". Your facialists fared much better; but really, Scott, I cannot explain your popularity and can only wait for my gift card to mercifully exhaust itself. Oh Scott, you don't mind if I two-time with Del Monte, do you? This was never meant to be. —ChristineLeo

2008-06-18 10:23:19   I am a paying customer and they turned me away! I mean just because what I wanted done would have taken a few steps and possibly a few hours the stylist said that she wanted to do a test strand ONLY and if it turned out OK to COME BACK ANOTHER TIME! I mean I am sorry if what I wanted to pay to have done was going to interrupt any plans that this stylist had going on outside of work but come on I had made the appointment to get highlights. I had the appointment at 7:15 and I arrived at 6:45, they didn't call me back until almost 7:30pm! I showed her a picture of what it was that I was looking for and she just stood there feeling my hair and commenting on the color and said that it was NOT this may be true but I also explained to her that it did not need to be exactly like the picture just some highlights to give it some boost. So she said that this would take longer than 45 mins. and she turned me away with NOTHING!! She didn't even give me any other suggestions on what else could have been done.I mean if these are supposed to be "highly trained stylist" don't you think that they would have given some other suggestions as to what else could have been done, instead of turning me away and refusing to service my hair? —JessicaCrane

2008-06-18 10:41:50   I had a very nice experience at the new Webster location. However, I wish they would offer manicures and pedicures there. Right now it's just the storefront, hair salon and skincare. —KimBee

2008-06-18 11:42:35   I used to get my haircut at Scott Miller in HS, and I thought the place was great, modern, and clean. But after I graduated college and could no longer charge the $30 mens cut to my mom's account I decided to find a more affordable place to get my haircut.

I went down the street and got the same haircut for $20.

I would recommend the place to others though, it just doesnt make sense to throw money out the window when there are nearby competitors doing the same for less in just as aesthetic of a place.

Scott Miller just won a national award for salon of the year and when I went to college, I knew a Buffalo native that would drive each month from Buffalo to Scott Miller in Pittsford because "Buffalo Salons wont do." So that says something. —MrRochester

2009-01-04 09:58:30   Wow I have to say I'm shocked by these reviews. i have gone to Scott Miller for about 10 years. First just to get my hair cut and now I do waxing and color. Everyone there right down to when I cash out IS so inviting and polite. I'm greeted at the door, asked if I would like a coffee or tea, my jacket is hung up be the stylist, I get what ever I need. To jessicaCrane, I'm really confused by your post. They have appointments before you and after you and had you called to discuss what you wanted they would have accommodate the time change. The stylist may have done you a big favor too by being honest with you since she felt the color was not going to work for you. I would hate for them to say yes we can do this when the truth was actually no, your hair is not suitable. I'm not trying to be a jerk I just think you may have been very disappointed if they said they could do it and you walked out with a big hat to cover the disaster. —NewtonNola

2009-01-05 02:04:59   My husband and I sometimes go here for hair cuts and have no probs with the place. They once did a spectacular job on my highlights, and the cuts are solid, but I wouldn't say they typically blow us out of the water. Not sure about the spa service, as we haven't used it, but the atmosphere doesn't strike me as especially spa-like. I'd look somewhere else for a massage... Lindsay House, Del Monte, etc. I can recommend them for the aforementioned highlights, though! Expensive, but they were gentle on my hair, lasted forever, and looked natural. —MariahBetz

2009-01-05 21:42:46   I can't speak about the hair stylists. But I was very disappointed with the spa. The waiting room you go into once you change was like a closet! And all I could hear was all the comings and goings in the mani/pedi area. My masseuse was fine. Not a bad massage. Then I got a pedicure - the girl was so rude! Sorry I'm not a regular, but maybe I would be if you treated me better..... The checkout team was OK, but they were so concerned with trying to sell me my next service they almost forgot to give me my credit card back. I won't be spending anymore time or money there. —DGandDJ

2011-06-10 10:24:58   I've been getting my hair cut at Scott Miller for almost 7 years now, the last 4-5 with Dan. It took me a while to find the right place and stylist but now I can't imagine going to anyone else. Dan understands my hair, my style and what I can do once I walk out of there. He always goes the extra mile, spending more than enough time to cut and style it. It's on the pricier side but one I fit into my budget. The best part is that he belives that any good cut should last you 10-12 weeks - so my cuts cost me the same as paying a little less somewhere else but going every 4-6 weeks.

The spa is under whelming - you do have to walk through a non-private area and the waiting room is tiny but the service is always polite - not always warm and friendly. I'm looking for alternative places for a facial and massage. —DesignDreamz