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Hi, I'm Damian. I work at Xerox in Webster, NY and live just down the road from there. You might see me walking to work in the mornings, even in the winter. Since I'm a Webster resident, I've been working to make sure that Webster businesses and developments are included in the wiki.

As a heavy editor of pages and one of the administration group, I like maintain a NPOV in anything on the site except for comments.

Some of my favorites in Rochester are
Bar - The Old Toad
Coffee - Joe Bean
Sports team -RIT Tigers Hockey
Media - WXXI
Restaurant - Simply Crepes
Store - Public Market

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2013-01-07 14:54:31   JGerek is removing the takeout links because they result in auto-generated entries in the Take Out Food page, which we all agreed should be deleted. see Take-Out_Food/Talk.
If you disagree, maybe we should have an email vote? —tippingpoint

2013-01-07 14:57:56   Considering that proposal was from 2009! And you guys discussed it over Christmas. —Damiankumor

2013-01-07 15:02:43   All I'm seeing is removing links, where's the reimplementation? The proposal isn't even being implemented correctly. —Damiankumor

2013-01-07 15:06:26   First he would have to remove the links. If he simply deleted the page, then all those links would lead to a non-existent page. Once he is done removing the links, he presumably will delete the take-out food page guessing. —tippingpoint

2013-01-07 15:58:53   The proposal said that there would be other pages created for Take-Out Only and Take-Out Available. —Damiankumor

2013-01-07 16:15:52   Sorry you have such a bug about my implementing a suggestion that seemed to have been discussed and reached consensus in recent weeks. Since you seem to like adding to the Take-Out list so much I challenge you to go get some tonight at Max Market or WhatchaGotCookin. Also you seem to have missed adding a few Chinese places. I've heard they have take-out sometimes. And oh gee, any restaurant you walk into in Rochester will sell you food to take home if you are willing to pay for it. —jgerek

2013-01-08 09:17:40   Well if you were going to do the job then don't stop half way, why wasn't the page deleted? —Damiankumor

2013-01-08 10:26:10   Dude, I don't have unlimited time so was working through the list a bit at a time changing the base pages before doing away with the whole list (as indicated by Tip). See the history and you will see I had worked several times over several days. Frankly I also wanted to do it piecemeal to make sure everyone was OK with the agreed-upon plan and didn't have to come back to undo things. But obviously you know best and have implemented the far superior fix that exists now. I will stay away from now on. —jgerek

2013-01-08 11:20:45   It's better to do everything in a big bang so that tracking it is more obvious in the change log. Otherwise you get stuff like this where I'm looking at random edits and saying 'wtf, you just put a take out link on that page and now you're taking it off'. Also the 'discussion was 3 people and maybe TP saying something', this should of been brought up at a meeting. —Damiankumor

2013-01-08 12:01:50   Well I guess I'm just a "little bang" kind of guy. And for the record, I never "just put a take out link on that page" and then took it off. I will reiterate my original comment on Take Out/Talk that started this thread - the list is a mess and needs work. My humble suggestion would be to do away with it as it is no longer relevant. You can bring it up at "a meeting" if you wish. —jgerek

2013-01-08 13:12:10   If you guys want to, please send this concern to the RocWiki Google list and we can discuss it. —peteb

2013-01-08 19:21:09   For what it's worth: don't get too riled up with regards "meta-pages" (like "Take-Out *") — they will likely be deprecated after the LW migration, in favor of tags. The auto-generated pages with the LinksHere macro are conceptually similar to this, but have some downsides.

(Each page would have zero or more tags, and instead of having a page like "Coffee Shops" that links to each coffee shop, we'd end up with something like ... the major benefit of this is that it is now trivial to query, say, all the coffee shops within 1 km, ranked by distance. However, a side effect may be reduced drama!) —RyanTucker

2013-01-19 14:54:00   Damian—we have hundreds of Facebook links—all with a capital F. Picking on this one being really picky dude-"facebook icon is a lower case f". They want it capital-let them have it with a capital friggin f —peteb

2013-01-19 15:13:54   You need to look closer, I've been creating pages for months with lowercase fs —Damiankumor

2013-01-19 16:20:25   Agree with PeteB. Facebook is always capitalized in articles and so forth. We should capitalize it here. —EileenF

2013-06-15 23:44:42   Eileen got it...hmm...I sent it out again. Looking for a meeting next sunday —peteb

2013-07-01 15:06:37   Damian—regarding Heartwork Institute, if it is specific to their business, they should be able to put it on their business page. There's also been concerns sent up via email to the group previously that the Event system has been used to much for advertising events like that instead of true community events like RBTL and that kind of thing. I put it back. I definitely think this needs to be discussed further as to the true use of the Event system.—peteb

2013-10-07 21:16:18   Hi Damian, thanks for the feedback on the U of R stuff. I did spend hours doing all the research on the bus lines and entering in the code, so I'm kind of sad that it was all taken down. But I realize I'm new to the Roc Wiki community, so I didn't know the rules. I'm the Dining Representative for the U of R's Student Association of Vegan and Vegetarian Youth. We're running a one-month challenge encouraging students to go veg, and I figured rather than reinvent the wheel and create a whole new Rochester Veg Dining Guide from scratch I could just add onto Roc Wiki so that everyone would have access to the information. Any suggestions for what I can do instead? —MelodyJaros

2013-10-07 21:20:06   I'd be pretty up for a bus line section that included RTS buses. I don't have a car, so I really appreciated having info on how to get there by alternative means. —MelodyJaros

2013-10-08 08:10:41   We can probably include just a brief sentence in the body of the entry saying what UR bus line it's on. Something like, "Can be reached from UR using the Orange Line." —EileenF

2013-10-08 10:38:05   How often do the lines changes, I know RTS adjusts annually so it's a support nightmare. I would think that if someone wants to get to one of these places they can use Google? —Damiankumor

2013-10-10 01:30:04   Damian-you couldn't have just created the page for Monster Hots? Really??? Don't answer that-honestly I'm too exhausted to want to follow up on a reply. 2 days to vaca—peteb

2013-10-10 11:05:15   I've been busy are work and school now. I'll get to it sometime I'm sure. —Damiankumor

2013-10-11 13:33:21   Yup, you'd think they'd expend at least a LITTLE effort in making it not so blazingly obvious that they have a vested interest in the company. I had forgotten that the sockpuppet was available - I'll have to remember that for next time! —richmulvey

2013-10-17 00:07:37   Hey man....just wanted to check with someone senior here before I did some editing. I noticed someone linked to one of my reviews from my website on here and was wondering if it was kosher to add my own links to other reviews on their corresponding pages. FYI, the first one was on Red Fern and my site is Thanks! -Chris —stromie

2013-10-17 09:36:10   Looks like Eileen added the link, guess it's okay to add it. You just need to follow the format that the other pages use. —Damiankumor

2013-10-18 18:43:55   Cool....thanks man. No problem on the formatting. I'll copy hers exactly and just alter the date and the links. I didn't want to go off making changes willy nilly before asking somebody with some experience so I appreciate you getting back to me. Have yourself a fine weekend! —stromie

2013-10-24 08:11:13   Regarding the recent Diamonds Limo post you edited: I hope you realized that the John-one "comment" was a cut-and-paste from the business' web-site that was from 5/25/13 attributed to "Debra Divas from". —jgerek

2013-10-24 09:09:07   So, it really was a sockpuppet? —Damiankumor

2013-10-29 12:36:15   I'm originally from PA, so don't ask me. Personally I think they are weird. They originated in Naples and some folks around here seem to make them. Maybe they are Western NY Food? —jgerek

2013-11-01 11:11:55   No, not on the RochesterWiki DL. Not sure what it is. —jgerek

2013-11-02 21:09:14   This is what happens when you ride your bike. Because I'm not speeding around in a car, I tend to notice things and am better able to stop and investigate. —EileenF

2013-11-11 10:35:04   Nah, it looks like it's actually a pretty easy bike ride. —EileenF

2013-11-11 11:01:02   I have biked up and down the street that Jay's is on. Henrietta has no sidewalks in that area and the street has those monster drains near the edges, so you'll be biking on the yards. —Damiankumor

2013-11-15 14:09:09   I figure that was an old note from when RocWiki was dominantly UofR students. —badfish

2013-12-11 13:57:57   Sorry - GBNF is beyond my pay grade. I get my hands slapped if I make those weighty decisions that Admins are paid for. —jgerek

2013-12-11 14:04:08   Anyone can gbnf a page it's just a pain in the butt, admin just lets us ban people really. —Damiankumor

2013-12-18 10:50:10   Hey! I had an exchange with Ryan a while back regarding copyrights. It was my understanding that everything on the wiki needs to be able to be used elsewhere. So licenses had to be Creative Commons or anything more liberal. Meaning theoretically I could upload a photo with an MIT license but not a strict copyright that stopped anyone else from using it off the wiki. —badfish

2013-12-18 17:15:19   Sorry, thought I was helping. To simplify matters for the Admins I will leave all links to dead pages in place so you can remove them yourself. —jgerek

2014-01-18 12:21:54   In reference to "The Grill at One" wondering why you think less information is better? As a new establishment, we want people to have has much intel on the place as possible. thanks —Badabing240

2014-02-06 10:41:05   Agree with your deletion of Painted Post. I think we should stick to towns and villages in the Rochester Metro Area only. —EileenF

2014-02-06 11:49:19   I agree with the apparent decision to focus on "the Rochester Area". So then why does RocWiki still include Centralia PA which is over 4 hours drive from here. —jgerek

2014-02-06 12:10:38   That used to be linked to the Day Trips page. Except I don't think something four hours away is close enough to qualify as a "day trip" so we can really just delete that one. For day trips to things outside the Rochester Metro Region, we can just provide an outside link. —EileenF

2014-02-06 13:35:18   "For day trips to things outside the Rochester Metro Region, we can just provide an outside link." Agree, that makes sense for smaller activities. I'd leave the Corning Museum though. —Damiankumor

2014-02-06 16:44:11   So the Rochester Metro Area consists of Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne, and Yates counties. Yet we have pages for towns and businesses outside that area. (Pages for larger cities like Syracuse are fine, I think.) I think we need to set some solid boundaries for what we're going to include here. —EileenF

2014-02-07 12:53:09   Hey, thanks for helping bring some clarity to the geographical scope of this wiki. I created the Painted Post page because it was a Wanted Page, but didn't give it much thought. I agree with your decision, and in the future, I'll remove the wiki link instead of creating wiki pages willy nilly haha. Thanks again. —alexandergartley

2014-02-26 11:37:29   I think that Abbott's Henrietta page has a lot of useful information and images that can be reposted to the general Abbott's page. —EileenF

2014-02-26 11:39:57   The content was taken from Abbotts website from the looks of it. [WWW] —Damiankumor

2014-02-26 12:44:04   We do have a page for Abbott's Downtown. —EileenF

2014-02-26 13:05:42   Yeah I was thinking of deleting it but this location is slightly different than the others I held off. —Damiankumor

2014-03-11 15:04:31   Damian, while I agree with removing copyrighted images, on Zeppa Bistro there was no copyright notice and the images (I think) were uploaded by someone associated with the business. I would think that would be allowable. —badfish

2014-04-07 16:42:09   I recently made an update to the VENU page that was removed by you. The change was made because the information listed is incorrect. I am a previous manager of the establishment and if you need more information please feel free to email me or I can have the previous owner follow up. Thank you. - Bob Jackson —bobjackson

2014-04-07 21:03:33   This [WWW]WHAM story disagrees with that —Damiankumor

2014-04-07 22:25:51   Yeah, I was with you on Venu but that footnote says *Plush* closed because 4 people were shot on Thanksgiving weekend. It doesn't say anything definitive on Venu. The article states there was a fatal stabbing at 151 St Paul and at that time, it was called Venu. It doesn't say that the stabbing caused any closing, name change and in fact from the article it isn't totally clear if Venu closed or changed its name to Plush. —badfish

2014-04-08 10:13:03   Their license was revoked after the stabbing and name change, which pretty much closes down a bar. TP wrote the original stabbing part and I have no reason to disagree with that statement in the news that I can find. —Damiankumor

2014-04-09 14:17:40   As badfish stated the footnote is for a different incident involving Plush, which was different establishment with different ownership. If you would like to create a separate page for Plush and include the footnote that would be fine. The point is that Venu was not closed due tothe reasons stated on the page. The then ownership chose to close and move on from the business unrelated to the incident. Also no incident occurred on premise so the statement in itself is incorrect. Please remove, along with the footnote as requested. —bobjackson

2014-04-09 20:56:47   I think we should have a source to back that up.. The wham story says "In late February of 2012, Siquan Moore, 21, was fatally stabbed in front of that building at 151 St. Paul Street. At the time of the stabbing, Plush had a different name: Club Venu." —Damiankumor

2014-04-09 20:59:56   So I don't see any inconsistencies. —Damiankumor

2014-04-10 09:32:15   Hi Damian. If you have a chance I have some questions on how to fix the Mary Jemison/ Sam Patch tours page. Sorry to have to ask, but I'm new and want to make sure I fix things the right way. Thanks for your help. —CalinLawrence

2014-04-10 11:24:29   Your own comment doesn't even mention Venu being closed or why it closed. The story doesn't even say if the business changed hands or it just changed the name. To be honest, while I suspect it closed because of the stabbing, Bob says it didn't, you footnote does not support that it did and I cannot find any story online which supports that it did. It needs to be removed or actual supporting info needs to be provide. What is there now doesn't prove anything. —badfish

2014-04-10 11:55:58   Venu being closed isn't hard to show. It reopened in October 2012 which means it was closed. Considering TP did the GBNF I have no reason to doubt that it closed. Not everything is in the D&C and on WHAM but TP made the change in the past so I'll assume its correct. We don't have stories for every GBNF page cause they happen too often. Given the timing I say it fair to say that the stabbing closed the place. [WWW] —Damiankumor

2014-04-10 17:48:27   Again, while I think it closed because of the stabbing, neither you nor I have been able to prove it. Citation needed and not provided. —badfish

2014-04-11 14:48:44   So what is the protocol behind removing a business from the wiki? Is there one? —EileenF

2014-04-11 18:19:05   It's a business in the public realm, so there isn't a protocol for removing a business. —Damiankumor

2014-05-20 12:08:38   On the Kosher matter, you said, "There's only so many food related things we can talk about. I'd like to see more content about local going ons instead of restaurants". That and the specificity of who provided it were the core of my issue with it. Agreed. —badfish

2015-07-16 16:01:01   Good work on the festivals today! —EileenF

2016-03-04 12:18:48   Damian—we may not agree with what they do but American Sweepstakes is a legitimately registered business. I know a person who did do business with them —peteb

2016-03-04 13:35:58   Hey Damian, We are the marketing agency that handles American and Alliance Sweeps online presence. They are a legit company indeed as peteb has mentioned. They have a hard time as overseas spammers will use their name which is why I am assuming you have flagged these for deletion. I ask that you reconsider as they are a sweepstakes administration agency for high end clients based in High Falls. —GeneCairo

2016-10-17 16:28:54   Hey, did you get my RSVP for the "Best of" event? —EileenF

2016-12-04 09:03:52   Sometimes, not all the time. I don't think it helps much, as the IPs are always different. They can probably spoof where they are posting from fairly easily. So I doubt that blocking specific IPs is really helping us in any way. —DottieHoffmann