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29-year old Web Developer at Fusion Productions.

Spouse: Christine Porter
Residence: Fairport / Perinton
Website: [WWW]

RocWikiians I know:
* Michael Baroody - we worked together a few years ago and continue to hang out and stuff

Restaurants I like:
* Black and Blue - can be a bit expensive but it is good food; I highly recommend the cheddar fries
* Hicks and McCarthy - great for brunch and dinner
* PF Changs Chinese Bistro - I'm not really into this type of food, but my wife is and I love the Honey Glazed Shrimp so it works for us
* Dibella's - OMG, the best subs ever!

Things I like to do in Rochester:
* walking in Powder Mills Park with the dogs
* biking along the Erie Canal
* Geocaching

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