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2011-08-05 08:03:15   You're really good at making wiki edits, it's nice to see such well done changes. —DamianKumor

2011-08-06 20:45:57   Thanks! —EileenF

2011-08-08 07:06:12   Eileen, please comment your edits as you make them, it's part of the process here, helps us keep track of what is being changed. Thank you. —DottieHoffmann

2011-08-08 07:28:07   Oh sorry. After I create the initial page, it's mostly just grammar. —EileenF

2011-08-08 12:11:50   Eileen, just checked recent changes. Piatza's is no longer on Park Ave. It was replaced by Marvin Mozzeroni's earlier this year. —TippingPoint

2011-08-08 12:14:31   Oh okay. Their website still has the Park Ave address. Looks like I got them mixed up with Mozzeroni, which is across the street from their old location. —EileenF

2011-08-08 12:15:40   yea their website has been outdated for what seems like years. i don't think they ever check it. —TippingPoint

2011-08-08 19:10:49   Eileen, I am sorry for deleting the two pages you made (lehmann and spirit) but they already existed. —PeteB

2011-08-08 19:22:30   Yes please remember to search for pages before you create them. That way we can avoid duplicates—but your hard work is definitely appreciated —PeteB

2011-08-09 18:25:58   Eileen, the mural you describe in the Times Square Building, where is it? Can you just walk in and see it? —DottieHoffmann

2011-08-11 15:05:54   Eileen-we already have a list of photographers photography. I'll be moving the Photography Studios list over there to merge it. —PeteB

2011-08-22 15:05:00   Just state in the page "Pictures used with permission of [insert name of organization]" —PeteB

2011-08-30 11:15:05   I disagree, I have absolutely nothing against the gays. The scene at RAC is bizarre and uncomfortable.

2011-09-05 16:23:42   Eileen—why don't you come to the meeting this Sunday? We'd love to meet you —PeteB

2011-09-05 20:03:47   Ummm.....I don't think so. Jay's is in henrietta...don't think biking there would be a lot of fun :( —PeteB

2011-09-05 20:36:58   I bike from Webster to the rochester public market and brighton, so anything's possible on a bike! —DamianKumor

2011-09-06 19:45:05   Eileen I am not certain about my schedule on Sunday, not certain I'll make the meeting, but if I do, I live in the Park Ave area and can give you a ride if you like. This is assuming that you asked about biking since you don't have access to a car that day. —DottieHoffmann

2011-09-09 19:51:22   Eileen, I'll pick you up at 1:15 on Sunday. Since I figure you don't want to post your home address, pick a nearby public place, a street corner, store, landmark, etc and we can meet there. —DottieHoffmann

2011-09-10 09:39:23   Sounds good, see you there tomorrow. You better ask Pete what I look like, because it's probably not what you think :-))

2011-09-15 17:47:25   I'm worried about you Eileen, you seem to be spending a lot of time in pawn and smoke shops ;-) —DottieHoffmann

2011-09-20 11:25:37   It was a name change, same owner, same location from the sounds of it so I'm going to leave it since it's still valid IMO. —DamianKumor

2011-09-20 11:44:48   Good point —DamianKumor

2011-09-20 11:48:19   btw I responded to your post on the https://rocwiki.org/Flatiron%20Antiques/Talk page a while ago telling you do just that —DamianKumor

2011-09-21 14:24:24   you can remove the comment in my opinion because it's really just a bad edit. They didn't even use that nicely located comments field to do it... —DamianKumor

2011-09-21 14:53:07   No need, it's fine as is —PeteB

2011-09-29 14:06:29   You have to edit University_of_Rochester/Places the backslash is important. —DamianKumor

2011-09-29 15:46:00   Just edit it and plug Patrick Barry House into the right spot. —PeteB

2011-10-31 11:42:47   I'd say pandaman is inconsistent about their name. Their website has both ways all over. —DamianKumor

2011-10-31 13:04:50   If you want, I don't think it matters much so don't go out of your way. —DamianKumor

2011-11-01 15:25:53   NICE work!!!! :) Thx for the great effort in supporting the Wiki! —PeteB

2012-01-02 16:11:50   Eileen thx for updating the BSOM....I hadn't had a chance. —PeteB

2012-01-18 17:14:22   I took care of Roc Writer's blog-thx —PeteB

2012-01-19 21:47:20   Eileen—why move the dicky's comments on your own unilateral decision?? I don't see a need to move them really (I'd rather nuke the whole discussion...BUT...)....maybe bring it up on the google group for community discussion/consensus? —PeteB

2012-01-19 22:02:18   ...and it really should be discussed on the googlegroup to decide how to address it. —PeteB

2012-01-23 14:16:12   You need to add the 'thumbnail' argument to the image macro —DamianKumor

2012-01-23 16:54:11   Sorry was having medical tests performed today and just had a chance to check in. Looks like Damian got you an answer —PeteB

2012-01-25 17:28:26   Eileen, I'd agree with you about Dicky's if the owner himself wasn't being a complete a55h073 about it and GOADING people here about his inane business practices. Sorry, if he wants it to stop, he should shut his trap. The reality, though, is that he LIKES controversy. —Alex-C

2012-01-25 20:01:40   Good clean up on Dicky's... —PeteB

2012-01-25 23:41:49   Since it's an oddity of Dicky I think it should be included in the description

2012-01-28 11:48:56   Would it be unWikilike to have a page that redirects "art galleries" to Art/Spaces? Might reduce confusion.... —MarkJackson

2012-01-30 06:48:05   Even 3" is hard to jump in a power chair. 2" yes. —PeteB

2012-02-14 23:46:36   Hey you expressed interest in Syracuse Wiki the other day. If you are interested I'll give you Admin access. [WWW]http://syracuse.wikispot.org/PeteB

2012-02-20 18:23:17   Eileen, I hope you didn't remove businesses because of me. I removed that one because it was a small business that is not an institution. This could be a bit of a slippery slope but I see keeping businesses like Wegman's or Nick Tahoe's are okay because Rochester is known nationally for them and they are part of Rochester's identity. That over-rides the business part. I just thought having a business there that was not almost synonymous with Rochester itself opened it up for anyone to put their business there for exposure or advertising or link building. —BadFish

2012-03-07 10:11:51   Hi Eileen! Thank you for supporting my Kirkpatrick's Irish Pub and Grill page. I am new to creating a page on Rocwiki, and I thought people would want to know about a new bar opening soon. There were menus posted in the window, so I looked like they would be opening soon. I noticed this morning they have hung an official sign on the building (picture is now on the page). My guess is as an Irish Bar they would try to open by St. Patrick's Day. I will try to keep the page up to date with more information if I find it. Thanks again! —KatieS

2012-03-28 20:41:21   Projecting? You mean Alex or myself? If you think I have any issue with you here, I don't—not at all. Check your gmail :) —PeteB

2012-04-10 20:22:28   Are you sure they moved? I was just at the Mt. Hope location of Hikari a bit more than a week ago —DamianKumor

2012-04-18 15:31:37   That crime map is pretty cool. Good find. —TippingPoint

2012-04-24 15:37:36   Thanks for cleaning up! It looks great! - Fon, Fahsye —Suthidas

2012-05-01 19:18:56   For some reason, the links to Cutaia's Meat Market are not working. Here's the URL:


2012-05-09 15:01:53   Eileen, Thank you checking my edits. It's difficult to get them just right without experience. —ValereLarsen

2012-05-20 21:03:04   Hey it's summer, get off the wiki and go outside! —DamianKumor

2012-05-22 21:06:08   Eileen, please don't forget to comment your changes, even the small ones. —BadFish

2012-05-24 21:15:51   How come you deleted the reference to the Strong-Todd House on the NOTA page? —BadFish

2012-05-25 22:21:48   NP. Yours had much better information. —ScottHendler

2012-05-29 21:33:07   Well, it's more than 'just a ramp'. Unless the door is STRAIGHT at the end of the ramp (and there is a flat area there, as well), it's nearly impossible to open a door from a seated position in a wheelchair. Even when the door is straight ahead, you still usually need to hook the handle, then back up until the door clicks open. Then, you can hook the door to close it as you pass. Difficult, especially for a person who has limited upper body strength. Put the door on the side, and it becomes nearly impossible to open unless there is a electric assist. —Alex-C

2012-05-31 11:10:19   VERY VERY true —PeteB

2012-06-16 00:10:28   Instead of delete the alternate name, shouldn't you just use the redirect? —Damiankumor

2012-07-17 16:36:20   Beat me to the MP closing. —Damiankumor

2012-07-18 10:52:03   Just saw your comment so I reverted it back again. I am used to editing in other places where "flame bait" is unacceptable —djack

2012-07-19 15:57:29   Good questions! The designers noted that they've blended current and historical names of areas.

Apparently this is El Camino: [WWW]http://www.cityofrochester.gov/elcamino/ ...and this was Lincoln Park: [WWW]http://wnyrails.org/cities/lincolnpark.htm

2012-07-25 21:53:40   thanks for doing the minor edits to China King. —bonnev659

2012-08-01 18:26:00   Eileen—I think you might like Dairy Queen if you give it a shot. I've tried it in several different locations and while it doesn't beat local creameries like Bill Wahl's Microcreamery and Ice Cream, I find it better then most national chains serving ice cream. —peteb

2012-08-01 18:48:36   Fair enough...thanks for the clarification. —peteb

2012-08-03 17:29:39   Eileen-can you link me that article please? I'm going to inquire further-I don't think the statements you mention are fair. —peteb

2012-08-04 00:53:30   Thx for the link. As usual, Alex-C is overdramatizing that probably wasn't near that bad. From what I've heard from multiple folks about Park, he is completely off-base and I think the comparison is degrading and unnecessary. —peteb

2012-08-07 12:55:16   Eileen—['Users/DavidGascon"] is having a little trouble understanding our system. I'mk correcting his errors. Because the company changed names I'm going to revert your name change and close the old business and make a brand new page for Vantage —peteb

2012-09-04 18:22:02   Eileen—about Prepps. Should we still leave the owner's new acct banned as his original is? —peteb

2012-09-04 18:32:03   Fair enough. Thx for the quick reply and hope to see you Sunday. I *GUARANTEE* I won't miss this one. :) —peteb

2012-09-08 23:06:42   Mark of the beast on your edit today 4666 edits and 333 pages created. :T —Damiankumor

2012-09-18 17:03:48   good catch —peteb

2012-10-09 16:08:57   Eileen, I updated Flour City Diner's comment archive. No reason to keep old 2008/2009 comments on the main page. —peteb

2012-10-12 18:14:55   Ok fair enough.... —peteb

2012-10-13 22:34:53   Ok cool...hope you can. —peteb

2012-10-14 13:47:32   It's all good...happy birthday —peteb

2012-11-01 12:46:49   Ummm..where do you see an address on the website? All it does is list rochester gold buyers. What am I missing?? —peteb

2012-11-01 13:59:25   That's only a website indicator of area served. Not a physical address. —peteb

2012-11-01 20:30:50   Nobody follows the internet here? [WWW]http://www.quickmeme.com/And-you-should-feel-bad/?upcoming [WWW]http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/x-is-bad-and-you-should-feel-badDamiankumor

2012-11-04 22:07:00   I removed the article because I didn't think it added to the conversation. It re-iterated info that was on the page and in the other 2 articles. —badfish

2012-11-13 22:41:10   Maybe it is both of our monitors. When I started, there was no gap between the second to last and last columns. I added it in there. After your edit, I didn't see any change. The feature may be very monitor specific, I don't know. —badfish

2012-11-21 10:51:16   lol, my coworker just asked me where to find a cheese shop for a blue cheese she wanted. —Damiankumor

2012-12-21 15:59:10   Just curious about your reason to create a duplicate listing for North Winton Village under Restaurants By Neighborhood? Seems to make it more confusing to me. —jgerek

2013-01-24 17:33:30   It's an issue for people because it was enormously popular and there was no sign that the closing was coming. —peteb

2013-02-03 11:08:35   thanks, I will look into them next time i am visiting Rochester again —bonnev659

2013-02-24 09:33:03   Avenue Eatery=why include the Minnesota location? It's a different person and not Rochester.....previously we haven't allowed that kind of mention —peteb

2013-02-25 19:43:53   That would mean any we should do the same for ANY restaurant with multiple locations...Wendy's, McDonald's, etc. See my drift here...we're Rochester only. —peteb

2013-03-11 17:11:41   Curious why you have banished fiber artists from the listing of "Local Artists"? Are you saying they aren't Local, or aren't Artists? Will all the other Local Artists be removed as well? —jgerek

2013-03-12 16:47:35   OK, so this plan will make sense when you remove the painters from the "Local Artists" page and move them to the "Paint Stores" page, and the sculptors to the "Stone Masons" page, and the "Local Artists" page goes away all-together. I happen to think that having a "Local Artists" page makes sense, with that page perhaps organized by artistic "media" if you so desire. Or why can't artists with ROCWiki pages be listed multiple places if it makes sense, like restaurants are: Italian restaurants, neighborhood restaurants, restaurants by street, restaurants by shopping plaza? —jgerek

2013-06-15 14:07:44   Not sure how I missed your messages earlier. Thanks for your kind words on the Vegan Dining Guide. Gotta go check out Just Juice today! —PebbleWiki

2013-06-18 21:28:13   Hey.. the Just Juice entry you added: Is the name of the business "Just Juice 4 Life" or simply "Just Juice"? The website/facebook pages as well as the sign seem to indicate that its "Just Juice 4 Life", but just wondering if u know differently. —TippingPoint

2013-07-25 15:46:57   She's unbanned but if someone has the password to the acct it'll probly happen again —peteb

2013-08-10 21:46:52   This is what happens when I drink 8 cups of coffee in under six hours. —EileenF

2013-08-13 13:41:01   Curious where you got the Ramour & Flanigan store in Pitsford Plaza from? I'm there often and don't know of a store there. It's not on the PP or R&F web sites either! —jgerek

2013-08-13 15:18:52   Google can be helpful, but they are sometimes wrong. I would tend to believe the R&F website and the PP website - even if you don't believe a real person who knows PP. —jgerek

2013-08-19 22:43:08   I have awarded you the highly-coveted DamnHippy for your hard work on the Wiki lately. Congratulations! —peteb

2013-08-21 00:40:16   Eileen-what's the Phili Wiki's address-I might be willing to play caretaker until a more permanent person comes along —peteb

2013-08-21 22:43:40   Nvrmnd I found it :) —peteb

2013-08-22 18:05:35   Done but you should do those changes to increase your grade. Those were easy things and make it more user friendly. —peteb

2013-08-22 23:21:45   Is the founder going to take it??? I'll definitely help out. I have friends in Philly —peteb

2013-08-26 22:10:12   Eileen please add your voice to the discussion on the mailing list. Thx —peteb

2013-08-31 12:55:05   thanks for the clean up of my work. i hope the ROC is treating you well —bonnev659

2013-09-10 19:02:19   Have you been graded yet? —peteb

2013-09-12 19:53:43   I'd like to start working the Wiki-that ok? —peteb

2013-09-13 17:44:34   I thought you found someone to take it over? —peteb

2013-11-02 20:35:02   Good work lately, I don't know how you find so much to add! You're like an army. —Damiankumor

2013-11-11 10:24:18   Did you see the email thread about the meeting coming up. Did you need a ride to Jay's? —Damiankumor

2013-11-13 08:30:24   I believe the big Family Dollar arson was of the store on North Clinton; the same-day fire at the Goodman Plaza FD was relatively minor. —markjackson

2013-11-17 08:52:32   Sure you don't want a ride today since it's raining? —Damiankumor

2013-11-27 15:52:47   FYI — when you reverted the page for One, you also wiped my NPoV edit. Not a big deal. Also, It looks like MrTallo duplicated the One page to make this https://rocwiki.org/Nightclub_%26_Ultra_Lounge?action=info and then renamed it. Not sure why the history doesn't included the duplication, maybe it was manual. Anyway, I think that page can be deleted. There is no club at 10 St Paul. —badfish

2013-12-08 20:01:11   I see what was going on there, I rephrased it. My bad. —badfish

2013-12-23 19:51:23   Hey Eileen, I have not been there yet. I have walked past it a few times during a lunch time stroll. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the recommendation. —scotthendler

2013-12-30 14:31:00   I have seen you listed as a major editor of the pages regarding "Bamba Bistro", and I simply wish to point out (because perhaps you are authorized to make permanent changes) that "Chef [Jay] Cohen" has not been involved with Bamba Bistro for a long time. He was the Executive Chef/Owner of "Rio Bamba", the previous incarnation, but the name change came with ownership change several years ago and Chef Cohen moved on shortly after. Chef Jay Cohen is now Head Chef for Max at the Memorial Art Gallery, where I work as his Sous Chef. As U of R Alum/Staff, you have probably eaten food prepared by Chef Cohen and Myself and can perhaps appreciate that as a young chef being mentored by this culinary titan i would like to see his name used more accurately in relation to an establishment that no longer wanted his expertise and opted for the "a**es-in-seats" approach to business over maintaining a higher level of catering integrity as a "stuffy" fine dining establishment. If this type of editing is beyond your control (I really know very little about these forums) then perhaps you can direct me toward the appropriate person to bother. Thank You for your time. —SteveAngry

2014-01-06 14:59:14   Yeah used to have a personal blog and blogged for the newspaper for awhile —peteb

2014-02-26 13:02:06   Thanks for cleaning that page up. I had NO idea what I was doing. Edit: I probably disagree on the Culver-Merchants neighborhood designation, though (along with Captain Jim's). These 2 establishments are closer to Wintonaire/Winfield Grill in the "North Winton Road" area. Doesn't matter one way or the other, but perhaps the Winton/Main Street area needs it's own neighborhood name? Edit2: Ah, nevermind, I see there's a Culver-Winton-Main neighborhood section too, and the destinctiosn are very blurry.—ErikReinert

2014-02-26 13:49:39   While there may be permission for that image be on the wiki, that wasn't why I removed it. Copyrighted images are incompatible with the Creative Commons license for RocWiki content. If it is on the wiki, it is supposed to be Creative Commons or a similar non-restrictive license. If they want to provide images they own but have deemed under that license, that's fine. —badfish

2014-03-18 13:21:44   Eileen: As I have told Damian before, that is above my pay grade. I wouldn't want to incur the wrath of any of the Admins. —jgerek

2014-03-24 22:37:53   I saw your post to the mailing list about promoting the wiki. You should give a lightning talk about it at BarCamp! https://rocwiki.org/BarCamp_Rochesterbadfish

2014-03-28 20:05:21   Regarding your recent Highland Ave edits, just curious how you decided that Blastec Industrial is on Highland??? And while a couple other additions are technically on Highland, as home-based businesses they are hardly prominent landmarks. —jgerek

2014-03-31 21:29:25   I think I'm done with these street pages for now. Grad school is starting again. That was strangely addicting, actually. Something meditative about making lists. —EileenF

2014-05-04 13:41:19   Did we have a BSoM for May??? I remember a snippet but don't remember who it was —peteb

2014-05-19 17:40:41   Point taken, but in this case, the selective info which was also oddly specific about who was providing the certification seemed like advertising to me. Also, why only mention kosher? If they wanted to provide info about the menu, list gluten-free, organic, vegetarian and/or vegan items as well. It seemed like they were advertising who did kosher services and mentioned the places they did them, rather than going from the viewpoint of what to expect from the restaurant. You may notice there are few restaurants that specialize on kosher food, I left those as it is highly relevant to the restaurant. Ben & Jerry's has organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sugar and/or low-fat options. To call one dietary category out seems odd. —badfish

2014-06-08 10:49:08   What is your (Admins) thought on stuff like TobinFricke/Groceries and Rufus the Red Herring. Only accessible through a user page, but obviously dated and of questionable value to the general user. Keep as "anything goes", or delete to clean up the detritus and streamline the overall wiki? —jgerek

2014-06-12 15:45:55   On locking the page: In the past I have seen admins make a page "uneditable" for a time for things to die down. Often when people go back and forth undoing each other's edit. I've never seen an alternate page made as I'd imagine whatever drama was on the original page spills over to that one. I don't have any admin rights and don't know how to lock a page. —badfish

2014-06-30 11:25:40   Maybe I was just being snarky. I'd be okay with fixing them, that one was more like "do it for me." —badfish

2014-07-06 18:18:13   Eileen—ummm...Mike's is not permanently closed. jgerek posted a comment right on the page saying they're now called the Double J Restaurantpeteb

2014-07-07 18:53:14   Thank you for cleaning up my attempt at edits! —shawnalusk

2014-09-04 13:35:59   Resolved-sorry...thx for the heads up —peteb

2014-09-05 01:34:43   Ok let me know when it's up —peteb

2014-09-28 21:00:23   Hi Eileen, not sure I would say the Armory or the East Avenue Inn are done. The Armory still has phase 3 which are the apartments they will be building next to the phase 2 building (Arhaus and Fleet Feet). Also for the Inn, only 1/2 the rooms have been updated, the other half are closed to the public and probably will not be updated until 2015. —scotthendler

2014-10-02 17:37:47   Thought so, I didn't do anything about it as I wanted to see what the business owner may say is the reasoning. —badfish

2014-11-28 14:47:40   Hello. Will you please help to update the La Casa Restaurant info? (The page has been locked by Admin.) The new business hours are Monday-Saturday 11AM-10PM. Also, it important to change the description because La Casa has always had the same owner, Lyjha Wilton of Wilton Enterprises and Boulder Coffee Company. No part of La Casa was ever owned by someone else. La Casa has been under new management since October 2013. Thank you for your assistance. —KatShorter

2015-02-22 12:01:00   Sorry for not noting my changes but I'm editing on a tablet and it's not easy. —EileenF

2015-05-25 18:24:12   Eileen, you have added some images to the wiki and noted "used with permission". The wiki operates under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Meaning anything on the wiki can be shared by anyone else as long as they attribute it back to the wiki, they don't have to get permission from us or anyone else, just attribute back. Thus we can't use a picture belonging to a blog or a restaurant that requires permission to be used. If they don't allow it to be freely shared under the same license or a looser license, it can't be used here. WE can use images that require us to attribute them, off course, that's what the license says. —badfish

2015-06-21 14:40:13   Why redirect it when it already exists???? IE Window World —peteb

2015-06-21 15:13:50   Someone made a new page for them so I just combined the two. —EileenF

2015-07-29 16:45:28   THANK YOU for fixing the formatting on the Lyell-Otis page! I was changing each one by hand, and it was taking forever! Ugh! —PamelaDavis

2015-10-08 14:06:08   you rock! —alexandergartley

2015-10-18 17:52:22   Thanks Eileen. I did not know that will be helpful. —scotthendler

2015-10-26 19:33:53   What gives? Please stop reverting edits —Marketing

2015-10-27 18:00:51   Done!

2015-10-30 11:08:23   good idea! —alexandergartley

2015-11-11 10:24:21   Why don't we link to Yelp? —badfish

2015-11-11 14:43:30   Cause they aren't official pages of those companies. —Damiankumor

2015-11-11 15:36:45   We do link to other review sites such as Foursquare. —EileenF

2015-11-12 12:28:26   God that's old now. —Damiankumor

2015-11-20 15:29:37   ty! —alexandergartley

2015-12-11 10:17:52   on the board of directors and volunteer coordinator for SewGreen@Rochester. We'd love to have the @ added to the title of the page you made for us if at all possible? I was able to correct an error in the text of the body of the page (we do not accept old clothing!) and add some more details. Thank you for starting it for us! Also: Someone in a wheelchair would have difficulty getting into and moving through our space at this time. We will work on it. —PattiBlaine