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Radio Shack Rochester Outlets
Address Location Phone: 585 Upload new image "Radio Shack logo.gif"
3240 Chili Ave [Directions] Chili 889 3324
300 Greece Ridge Center Dr [Directions] Greece Ridge Mall 227 1065
1100 Jefferson Rd [Directions] Henrietta Plaza 424 1428
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, [""]
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, [""]
1250 W Ridge Rd [Directions] Greece 865 1900 Accessible
770 Jefferson Rd [Directions] Henrietta 427 0390 Yes
1111 E Ridge Rd [Directions] Irondequoit 342 0970 Wikipedia
750 Panorama Trails So [Directions] Penfield 385 4090 [wikipedia]Home Depot
Website: [WWW]

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Location and Phone (585)
3240 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624 [Directions]
889 3324 - Chili
300 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester, NY 14626 [Directions]
227 1065 - Greece Ridge Mall
1100 Jefferson Rd, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
424 1428 - Henrietta Plaza
709 Ridge Rd E, Rochester, NY 14621 [Directions]
544 2550 - Irondequoit
150 Miracle Mile Dr, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
424 5325 - Marketplace Mall
2833 Ridge Rd West, Rochester, NY 14626 [Directions]
227 1750 - Wegmans plaza - Ridgemont, Greece
3349 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618 [Directions]
381 4419 - Pittsford Plaza
50 Ridge Rd E., WEBSTER, NY 14580 [Directions]
787 9600 - Webster Plaza
3800 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616 [Directions]
663 7920 - Northgate Plaza, Greece
1571 Howard Rd, Gates, NY 14624 [Directions]
247 1487 - Gates
1601 Penfield Rd, Rochester, NY 14625 [Directions]
361 1972 - Panorama Plaza, Penfield
6270 Pittsford Palmyra Rd, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions]
425 1857 - Perinton Square Mall
7979 Victor Pittsford Rd, Victor, NY 14564 [Directions]
223 1960 - Eastview Mall
Vary by location - call or check [WWW]Store Locator

Radio Shack is national chain of electronics retail stores. One of the few places you can go for a variety of little electronic components and gadgets, connectors, wire, etc. For a good alternative in the city, try Goldcrest Electronics at the corner of South Clinton Avenue and South Goodman Street.

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2008-03-23 20:53:17   I went there to buy a hard to find battery and I've been asked personal information like telephone number and address to complete the purchasing (the official explanation was they get those info to notify customers in case of recalls or warranty issues). I was in a hurry and really needed the battery for my garage door opener so I didn't argue too much, but it didn't feel right. Luckily I have a mailbox and an expendable phone number just for these situations. I always liked Radio Shack (I was born a Commodore guy, but Tandy Radio Shack, along with Apple ][, was part of my childhood) but this questionable business practice could drive me away. —AndreaCogliati

2008-03-23 20:59:28   You do not have to provide any information to them if you don't want to. Just say no. They'll take your money. Or, have some fun with them and make something up. —DottieHoffmann

2008-03-23 22:05:56   I'm surprised that Andrea was asked for that info - they did that for a long time, but stopped the practice at least four or five years ago. I certainly haven't been asked in at least that long, at any of the three or four local Radio Shacks I've been to in that time. —RichMulvey