Significant Rochester related events which occurred in 1976

1108072bowie1x300.jpgDavid Bowie's mugshot on [WWW]Smoking Gun from March 1976.

Rochester events during the year of 1976
March [wikipedia]David Bowie and [wikipedia]Iggy Pop Arrested. See photo and [WWW]link
Andrews School No. 9 demolished.
Bero Architecture founded.
Carroll's Bar and Restaurant founded.
Cheesy Eddie's founded.
Datrose Industries founded.
Bob Duffy joins the Rochester Police Department.
FOODLINK founded.
First Federal Plaza completed.
UR's Wilson Commons built.
Village Coal Tower opened.
Danny Wegman becomes president of Wegmans.

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2007-11-09 20:38:36   Not significant, but [wikipedia]David Bowie and [wikipedia]Iggy Pop were arrested in Rochester in March 1976. Bowie's mugshot is on [WWW]TheSmokingGun.com. —DaveMahon

2008-09-22 11:09:50   Thanks Dave, I updated the mug shot to a thumbnail with credits for Fair Use and made a table entry with your wikipedia links. —BradMandell