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This is my third or fourth time trying to edit this. So now I'm doing it in notepad first.

I'm Caleb Kelsey, as the moniker would indicate. I was born in [WWW]Palos Heights, Illinois, which is inside of what is considered the "Chicagoland" area, in 1984. One year later my parents moved to Webster, and despite a brief one-year stint of living with one of my sisters in Buffalo, I've lived here my entire life. I'm getting kind of sick of it, and will be moving in a couple years, but for now I'm trying to embrace the community of the city and get more involved with what the rest of us young whippersnappers are doing.

I workED at [WWW]Pictometry International, Inc., which some of you may recognize as the previous employer of RobertPolyn. I did indeed get my job through Rob, whom I am eternally grateful for. It pays much better than washing dishes at Uno Chicago Grill did.

One night we (Rob, my sister who was his current roommate, and I) were quaffing our respective rums and whiskeys and I was bitching about my current status of employment (busting suds), and Rob suggested I get a job at Pictometry. The rest, dear readers, is history. And then I got fired.

I am once again unemployed. Story of my fuckin' life.

Some of my favorite bits of Rochester include:

Some of my favorite bits of life include:

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2007-06-26 23:23:25   Caleb—this section will give you a lot of information on how to get started: For Students ...hope it helps —PeteB

2007-07-09 18:49:23   HIYA! —ChelseaAllinger

2008-03-08 15:13:37   In reference to your recent comment on the Millennium Billiard Club page - anyone can edit any page on RocWiki. I'll make the changes to let people know Millenium has closed, but you're more than welcome to make those changes yourself too! Sweet, huh? —AlexanderGartley

2008-07-23 13:22:22   Poopscoot. —IsaacVanDuyn