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I'm originally from around Utica, NY but came to Rochester to study industrial design at RIT, and it is now my adopted home. I now live in Henrietta while going to school, but I'm in love with the city and spend a lot of time in it. I'm a photographer, art student, all around solid guy.

Things I like!
RIT Campus
Downtown architecture
NOTA, Park Avenue, The East End
Little Theater and Little Cafe
Rochester Photographic
Java's Cafe
Independent Record Stores like the Lakeshore Record Exchange and The Bop Shop
Natural/Organic/Farmers' Markets, like the Public Market, Lori's Natural Foods and Abundance Cooperative Market
Wegmans, the Rochester institution
The beautiful weather (no, really, when it actually is nice...)

Basically, I'm an [WWW]Advanced-Level White Person.

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2007-07-04 20:53:24   Welcome to RocWiki, Steve! Please let us know if we can answer any questions. Also please note any changes you make. Thanks! —PeteB