Cascade District


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Western Downtown, both NW and SW Quadrant
Encircled by the Inner Loop, N. Plymouth Ave, and Interstate 490
Neighborhood Association

The Cascade District was a manufacturing area with blocks of factories and warehouses. Prior to the construction of Interstate 490 and the Inner Loop, the area adjoined the historic Corn Hill neighborhood where many of the business owners had residences. Today, parts of the Cascade District are included with Corn Hill in the Third Ward Historic District.

Today, this mixed commercial-residential downtown neighborhood is known for its soaring loft apartments, such as the Knowlton Building, Buckingham Commons, and [WWW]others. Plymouth Terrace - a row of townhouses, retail space, and a new post office - was completed in 2013 and has successfully drawn homeowners to what was primarily a rental market. At the moment (2014), the historic North Washington Rowhouses are currently for sale.

There is also a small green space in the form of Streb Park.




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