Abandoned Structures


Rochester has its fair share of fun abandoned buildings and public works. Most famous is the several miles of intact underground tunnel which is the Abandoned Subway. On Elmwood Avenue there is a partially Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital, the largest building being 17 stories tall.

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2011-06-21 04:41:51   They've recently put in wired security in the Walters Building, and patrol every hour or so for the Terrace Building. If security or cops suspect any action, they will sometimes use spotlight flashlights and shine them up and down the side of the building to look for traces of/or people. Daytime is one of the best times to explore. They can't so much come into the building to search for you, but they can wait outside upon your exit. If your in the buildings at night, keep flashlights to a minimal and pointed down (a cell phone light works fine). It's easier to see lights inside the buildings from the outside than most think. Thus goes the same for loud talking or loud noises. Any visible entrances made, are often replaced or fixed within a few days. And I suggest wearing a mask due to airborne illnesses that remain active for years, in stagnant air it's still possible to catch such diseases. (Tuberculosis can last up to 40 years once airborne). I've been stopped just for walking around, not even taking pictures, just minding my own business and walking through for a shortcut. The cop said it's state property and your not even supposed to be on the premises unless you work or attend their. So be careful on your excursions.

I too am very interested in the history and the dates of when it opened and the reasoning behind to why it was shut down. All I've heard was that it was under new ownership but the guy ran with the money that was supposed to be used for renovations and things fell downhill from there due to lack of funds. There were some very disturbing stories from people who used to work there or even were patients there. I myself had some unexplained experiences on the fourth and eleventh floor. A good place for an adrenaline rush! —VickyTee

2011-08-11 13:00:57   A friend of mine and I recently learned the hard way that the fire department uses the Terrance Building for training on Sunday afternoons/evenings as well... Be wary. —TimePolice

2023-08-01 13:39:05   HEY GUYS HOW DO I GET INTO ABANDONED SUBWAY WITHOUT DYING- Andrew Bradford —WiliamLarsen