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Southwest Quadrant, centered on Genesee Street and Jefferson Avenue
North - Dr. Samuel McCree Way
South - Seward Street, Jefferson Avenue, and the Genesee River
East - Reynolds Street
West - Genesee Street
Neighborhood Association
Southwest Area Neighborhood Association
Genesee Corridor Business Association

Genesee-Jefferson is a neighborhood adjacent to Plymouth Exchange and the 19th Ward. Its southern borders are rather murky and may extend all the way to Brooks Landing, although that area is generally considered entirely 19th Ward. Genesee-Jefferson is often called the Southwest Neighborhood, or SWAN for short, after its active neighborhood association. It is primarily residential, although its two main thoroughfares, Genesee Street and Jefferson Avenue, are a walkable mix of homes and businesses, while Dr. Samuel McCree Way has some community and religious organizations. The neighborhood also includes Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School and a campus of Rochester Academy Charter School within its borders.

Despite its proximity to PLEX and the 19th Ward, Genesee-Jefferson is further away from the University of Rochester and hasn't seen the same investment and development as the other two neighborhoods. Crime continues to be a real problem.


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