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portofrochester800.jpgPort of Rochester - 08/2008 BradMandell portofrochester2x800.jpgPort of Rochester 2 - Photo BradMandell sailboats3x800.jpgSailboats Sculpture - Photo BradMandell essrocgeneseex800.jpg[WWW]Steven B. Roman, ESSROC Cement Ship up the Genesee - Photo BradMandell

1000 North River St., Rochester, NY 14612 [Directions]
7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
585 428 6951 - City Real Estate Office
[WWW]City of Rochester - Port of Rochester Page

The Port of Rochester, in the Charlotte neighborhood of Rochester, once home to [WWW]commercial ship traffic, is undergoing development1 by the city as a year-round tourist destination. The new terminal, built to support the now defunct Fast Ferry to Toronto, is home to an assortment of restaurant and event spaces such as California Rollin', Arbor at the Port, a wedding/event space, Bill Gray's (and Bill Gray's Taproom), and Abbott's Frozen Custard.

The Genesee River still carries large cement ships of the ESSROC Cement Company which dock upstream near Turning Point Park and feed the ESSROC plant on Boxart Street. The Stephen B. Roman is one such ship.

sailboatssignx400.jpg "Sailboats" Sculpture by Peter Macon was commissioned by the City of Rochester in 2005.

Attractions In the area

Fast Ferry Era

see Fast Ferry and the footnote for original plans.

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2008-01-28 13:29:16   What is the news with the Port of Rochester? I know they had proposed a bunch of different ideas, but did anything ever get decided on?

It seems if we could somehow get out of that wonderful lease agreement, we could turn the terminal building into a pretty nice attraction during the summer. —JohnJoseph

2009-04-17 17:52:04   A Port without a boat! Rochester waste at its finest! I know they are trying to add some new businesses to the Port, but, geez.. has the cost been worth it? —BatGuano