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I am all about supporting local restaurants and boycotting national chains as much as possible. I strongly believe in not sugarcoating a bad restaurant experience. However, in most cases, I give a restaurant a few tries before writing a bad review. On the other hand, my positive reviews may stem from my first time at the restaurant.

I like to think it is far more likely that a local restaurant has an occasional bad day (hence requiring a few bad experiences to deserve a negative review) than a random good day (if they are good the first time, odds are they will be good in the future). Here's a brief look into my least/most favourite restaurants around town.:

Blacklisted Restaurants (consistently horrible food and even worse service):
Aja Noodle Company
The King and I

Good Restaurants (consistently good food and service) :
Arigato Steak House
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Fujiya Japanese Restaurant
Haveli Indian Cuisine
Jasmine's Asian Fusion
Monte Alban Mexican Grill
Pasta Andiamo
Sak's Thai Cuisine
SEA Restaurant
South Wedge Diner
Thai Taste

Favourite bakeries:
Goodness Cakes
Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe

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2009-11-03 23:39:59   OneLove-thanks for the update-I got confused. Corrections have been made —PeteB

2010-08-05 23:55:10   Onelove-thx for the comment. Not sure you are aware but we've been discussing this as a community in our Wiki Community/Mailing List. You may want to join up. Since Dennis hasn't responded, I think I will move the comment as you suggested. —PeteB

2010-09-06 12:37:18   Hi OneLove - Just wanted to say that I love how you summed up your restaurant philosophy; I strive to do the same myself! Also, having a list of "Blacklisted" and "Good" restaurants is a neat concept. I was really surprised to see The King and I blacklisted though, as it's one of my go-to places for Thai. After reading about your experience I don’t blame you for not going back – however, have your visits been during lunch? I’ve been there for dinner numerous times but only once for lunch, and the one single bad experience I had there was during that lunch visit. Anyway, really cool page; thanks for sharing your restaurant recommendations! —AJH

2010-11-11 09:16:43   Looks like Present Tense to me.....? —PeteB

2011-04-06 06:57:07   On the Virtu issue, Jeanine is the owner's wife. I worked for him in the past. —cbcritic

2018-12-24 07:53:11   Monte Alban has terrible service and the Mexican food is far from authentic. If you dislike the King and I, you should dislike Monte Alban for being similarly Americanized and bland. —JustinSchmidt