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I am all about supporting local restaurants and boycotting national chains as much as possible. I strongly believe in not sugarcoating a bad restaurant experience. However, in most cases, I give a restaurant a few tries before writing a bad review. On the other hand, my positive reviews may stem from my first time at the restaurant.

I like to think it is far more likely that a local restaurant has an occasional bad day (hence requiring a few bad experiences to deserve a negative review) than a random good day (if they are good the first time, odds are they will be good in the future). Here's a brief look into my least/most favourite restaurants around town.:

Blacklisted Restaurants (consistently horrible food and even worse service):
Aja Noodle Company
The King and I

Good Restaurants (consistently good food and service) :
Arigato Steak House
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Fujiya Japanese Restaurant
Haveli Indian Cuisine
Jasmine's Asian Fusion
Monte Alban Mexican Grill
Pasta Andiamo
Sak's Thai Cuisine
SEA Restaurant
South Wedge Diner
Thai Taste

Favourite bakeries:
Goodness Cakes
Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe

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2009-11-03 23:39:59   OneLove-thanks for the update-I got confused. Corrections have been made —PeteB

2010-08-05 23:55:10   Onelove-thx for the comment. Not sure you are aware but we've been discussing this as a community in our Wiki Community/Mailing List. You may want to join up. Since Dennis hasn't responded, I think I will move the comment as you suggested. —PeteB

2010-09-06 12:37:18   Hi OneLove - Just wanted to say that I love how you summed up your restaurant philosophy; I strive to do the same myself! Also, having a list of "Blacklisted" and "Good" restaurants is a neat concept. I was really surprised to see The King and I blacklisted though, as it's one of my go-to places for Thai. After reading about your experience I don’t blame you for not going back – however, have your visits been during lunch? I’ve been there for dinner numerous times but only once for lunch, and the one single bad experience I had there was during that lunch visit. Anyway, really cool page; thanks for sharing your restaurant recommendations! —AJH

2010-11-11 09:16:43   Looks like Present Tense to me.....? —PeteB

2011-04-06 06:57:07   On the Virtu issue, Jeanine is the owner's wife. I worked for him in the past. —cbcritic