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About Me

Born in 1976 and raised in [WWW]Chittenango, NY and was a Rochester resident from Nov 2004-June 2007. During so I did a large amount of work on the RocWiki improving and organizing content. Currently I'm an employee at (withheld) and previously at [WWW]Turning Stone Casino, Unity Health System, Xerox [WWW]CBORD, [WWW]Bausch + Lomb, My wife and I make a bi-weekly [WWW]local YouTube show about Central New York which are published by the Syracuse New Times newspaper. I was also formerly an editor for the [WWW]MSFN (Microsoft Forum Network) and am currently an admin on StackOverflow. I specialize in web based development using a variety of tools, such as; C# ASP.Net, PHP, Perl, ASP, handmade HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL and Photoshop and have also done Windows development with C#. I am a Certified Solaris Administrator via [WWW]Syracuse University which I received in 1997. I consider myself a self motivated [WWW]technology evangelist & [WWW]futurist and am always keeping an eye on and making use of new technology both in and out of the computer world. I have a fondness for retro video games, [WWW]video game history, [WWW]tequila, all things technology, and pro-video gear.

I currently live in Syracuse, NY, but during my 3 years in Rochester I lived in the Park Ave area of Rochester, NY in because I accepted a job offer, closing our coffee house, Fusion, in [WWW]Oneida, NY, selling my house and leaving the country life where I've spend my whole existence. Previously I worked for the [WWW]Oneida Indian Nation (owners of the [WWW]Turning Stone Casino) for 10 years. For three years my wife and I owned [WWW]A Pink Door wedding planning, as well as [WWW]bitepal, a restaurant saving website, and flipped vintage & antique items both at markets and online.

Projects & Articles

Formerly, my projects were to be found on my blog where I've posted on various subjects (mostly technical) such as:

Non Technical


In the news

(because of our work with the Syracuse New Times, starting in 2014, and doing events weekly, this became too active to keep updating)
On August 16, 2012 my business partner Paul gives a keynote speech, [WWW]I can be seen for about 1 second manning the computer on side stage
On July 7, 2011 [WWW]WSYR (written article) ran a video interview with my wife asking her opinions (as a wedding planner) about same sex marriage in New York.
On Jan 16, 2011 [WWW]my wife was quoted in the Syracuse newspaper in regards to wedding during game season.
On October 29th, 2010 my wife (unnamed, unseen in the pic, aside from the afro behind the girl with the grey hat) was at the opening of Sophora in Syracuse which was [WWW]reported by
In April 2010, my wife and I appeared in the [WWW]Central NY Small Business Journal for our wedding & event planning business we started in Syracuse.
In August 2008, my wife appear in the Buffalo paper via a headshot taken at the Renaissance Festival in Sterling.
In the Aug 22nd, 2007 edition of [WWW]Buzz magazine we appear in the nightlife photo shots, horrible picture but the direct link can be found [WWW]here.
On May 17th, 2007 my wife appear in a picture and mentioned in an D&C article for her role in [WWW]Ragtime the musical
In the Nov 1st, 2006 edition of the Insider I appear with my wife for the Halloween 2006 party at Lux
In the March 29th, 2006 edition of the Rochester's Insider my wife and I appeared in their 'Snapshots' section.
In the June 7th, 2006 edition of the Insider, some friends and I appeared for the "666" (June 6th, 2006) party at Lux.
On August 8th, 2003 my wife (at the time finance) was quoted about the major North East blackout from our coffee house

Wiki Pages I Paid Special Attention To

Rochester Places I Highly Recommend

The only good stuff on the Internet

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Goals for 2016

Goals for 2015

Goals for 2014

Goals for 2010

Goals for 2009

Goals for 2008

Goals for 2007


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2006-09-24 08:43:32   Hey. I'll like to get together sometime, i have some questions about running your own coffee shop stuff. —FarMcKon

2006-10-08 00:29:35   I don't know how to get a hold of ya about the coffee shop thing, but you can email me at Travis M Owens AT gmail dot com. —TravisOwens

2006-11-06 07:30:19   Yay for my first comment! (I need to network more for my writing, so wiki here I come!) —KaetlinPerna

2006-12-03 20:20:57   Huge Stalker! Actually cuz you're in the same group as I am, so your IM was somehow broadcast to mine. So I added you, and wondered if it was the same Travis. —Roc4Life

2007-03-26 14:39:40   Making my page obnoxious is a fun form of procrastination :) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-26 18:16:32   What happened to "basic information about yourself". This is like a book! :P —KimBee

2007-03-27 21:13:04   Well, "sprinkles" is acceptable if you're talking about the rainbow ones. The chocolate ones are "jimmies". Although recently I learned that this might actually be a racist term, so I feel weird using it, but when I go home, nobody says sprinkles if they want the chocolate ones. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-28 18:57:09   According to Wikipedia the term "jimmies" came from the name of the guy who invented them, so I wouldn't sweat it [WWW]

2007-03-28 19:04:33   Thanks for the lyricwiki link — the site appears to be quite extensive, and banner ad free! —GrahamSaathoff

2007-04-08 08:24:49   Re: Wish-list. I just wanted to point out that Wish List stuff *should* list insane, impossible,and a waste of taxpayer $$$ ideas. That's why it's a "Wish List" not a "ToDo" list... :p —FarMcKon

2007-04-10 15:52:34   Local Spelling Words is a system page for specifying custom/local spelling of words. —AdamDewitz

2007-04-16 11:57:01   Hopefully my photos will be worth posting! I think I'm going to wait a few weeks until the weather clears up a bit so that outsiders checking out the wiki see nice sunny pictures and think that they must have heard wrong about all the snow :) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-05-01 17:52:20   *hangs head in shame* The worst is over, though, so I have a little bit of free time... :) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-05-02 11:30:59   Everything is done except the paper, which is about half done. I deserve a few breaks here and there :) It's not due until Friday 5 PM! —RachelBlumenthal

2007-05-18 14:46:54   Travis-sorry if I screwed up your post...I apologize —PeteB

2007-05-21 16:21:14   Those aren't bugs, they're features! ;) Thanks for taking the time to report them. —AdamDewitz

2007-05-22 10:17:00   I wrote out a long comment after a read your page last night, but I don't think I ever hit the "submit" button, silly me. Ah yes, computers. I am somewhat a novice in them. I can write in handmade HTML, CSS and I have some experience with Java, although my grades in the class were F and D at RIT and W at MCC, so I have yet to complete a Java course satisfactorily. But anyways, what was running a coffee shop like? —JoannaLicata

2007-05-23 15:28:10   i hate pie. i bet you love pie. but i hate pie. cake is where it's at. i also hate ice cream. fro-yo FTW. —KimBee

2007-05-23 23:59:22   A patch has been applied to the search engine to remove the apostrophe bug you identified. Let me or RC know if you see any weird behavior (in the search results). —AdamDewitz

2007-05-25 18:27:32   Been to any good operas lately? —MrPhil

2007-06-07 22:46:44   I assure you that no offense is taken over the More Shopping page; it is much improved. My original effort was a quick and dirty cludge to bring back a lot of good, but orphaned, pages back into the fold and to bring attention to them in the process.

There's nothing wrong with commenting on restaurants, but, with the exception of you, Peter and Nathan, it seems like there has been a lot more commenting than actual content providing of late and I thought I'd take a stab at changing that. —DaveMahon

2007-06-26 23:32:21   Travis has left the area for new pursuits...good luck Travis! —PeteB

2007-06-27 03:38:52   I never met you, but good luck in Ithaca. —JoannaLicata

2007-06-28 13:14:04   Hey there Travis, I wanted to let you know I used your photo of Lux for the front page of the website (there is an attribution in the alt tag). We should replace it soon, but wanted to let you know :). If it's a problem please mail me. misha is the first part then the at, then —MishaCohen

2008-06-09 16:44:21   Travis, maybe I was a little confusing in my post but actually the info I received was a little confusing. I think the $5 cover is just for the bands on Sunday. Day visitors I think are allowed, but sometimes they get all sorts of people just coming to hang out. So I heard a couple slightly different policies on visiting there without an overnight stay. Because it was a bit vague, I did not update the page info and advised people interested to call ahead and get the scoop. I will clarify on the page now. —BadFish

2008-10-01 10:42:22   Yes, an addiction from medicinal necessity! Instead of pain killers I took large doses of being totally absorbed in RocWiki editing after my multiple cancer surgeries.

I took a look at your graph of the history of programming languages and was amazed at how it fit my early history. I learned Fortran and wrote my first programs at Ohio State in 66. In 68 I studied programming under Donald Knuth at Stanford in Algol. My Masters project was written in LISP. Ken Iverson spoke to our APL class and demonstrated his ability to write two sentences on the blackboard at the same time - the left hand writing left to right and the right hand writing right to left. Later I did PL1, Snobol, Cobol, ADA, Pascal, BCPL, etc. We fought the good fight over MS vs Borland in the C wars. Of course, I spent most of my time in assembler, on IBM from 1410 Autocoder through the IBM 360/370. About 600K lines of GMAP on (General Electric, later Honewell) GCOS and Multics systems. Got one of the first Intel 8080 kits and worked on Intel and Zilog (Z80) machines in assembler - later some Fortran and Basic on CPM systems. Developed commercial applications on the Commodore 64, Apple IIe and TRS 80 in assembler and some early Basic. Graduated to C to support Time Life Software, a doomed side-business for Time Life that went down when IBM killed the [wikipedia]PC Jr in 85. Wrote a ton of code in C and assembler for the PC and switched to Visual Basic for a lot of applications when it became highly competitive with C for speed and flexibility. Anyway, thanks for the trip down history lane ! (;>}

Brad —BradMandell

2008-11-01 16:12:05   Hi - you hereby have ADOPTED your Orphan Page TravisOwens/WikiCheatSheet (;>} —BradMandell

2009-04-15 13:10:39   Thanks for the recognition. I also went over 300 pages on BufWiki a while ago. My cumulative Wiki pages all around are over the 1000 mark. Maybe, I'll get lucky and be the one to go over the 10,000 mark on RocWiki (;>) - Roc On !!! —BradMandell

2009-04-15 16:21:09   I carry my camera with me most of the time - while my wife shops, I go take photos. I have 538 images uploaded - about 250 photos, 40 graphics I made for the site, and the rest external graphics downloaded from WikiMedia, etc. Today I even pulled out a Jan, 2004 photo of the (then new) Lindt Chocolate at Eastview Mall and uploaded it to the new entry I built for a Wanted Pages someone created earlier today. I opted to upload max 800pix images to RocWiki rather than link in my photos from Flickr because I like to keep them All Rights Reserved. I am also having a ball with Flat Stanley photos and am contemplating creating a Flat Rocky with RocWiki lettering on his sweatshirt. Being a grandfather can be a ball.

Yes, the Orphaned Pages/Talk project was a labor. I think I fixed about 200 pages since I started it. I think every letter in the alphabet was represented when I started working the list and R, S, T, etc had more than 20 each. New ones appear regularly as even old-timers forget to link in their new creations. But the Orphans Nazi is on duty (:>}

2009-08-01 12:48:55   Please take a look at Wiki Community/For Editor Review/Talk - thanks, Brad —BradMandell

2010-05-21 15:41:33   Travis—thanks -I've already found his personal email and dropped him a message. —PeteB

2012-11-13 22:35:39   Hey Travis, I added Pita Pit back to the cheap foods section. I outlined my reasons there in the comments and am open to discussing it. Cheers! —badfish