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The Salons page provides a shopping directory of hair, nail, electrolysis and tanning salons serving the Rochester area.

    1. Local Salons
      1. City of Rochester - Downtown
      2. City of Rochester - Northeast
      3. City of Rochester - Northwest
      4. City of Rochester - Southeast
      5. City of Rochester - Southwest
      6. Regional
      7. Mobile Salons
    2. Electrolysis
    3. Eyebrow Sculpting
    4. Eyelash Extensions
    5. Hair Restoration
    6. Laser Hair Removal
    7. Nails
    8. National Chains/Franchise Salons
    9. Permanent Makeup
    10. Skin Care
    11. Tanning
    12. See Also

Local Salons

City of Rochester - Downtown

City of Rochester - Northeast

City of Rochester - Northwest

City of Rochester - Southeast

City of Rochester - Southwest


Mobile Salons


Eyebrow Sculpting

Eyelash Extensions

Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Removal


National Chains/Franchise Salons

Permanent Makeup

Skin Care


See Also


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2013-03-10 19:40:44   There is apparently no such thing as market saturation when it comes to salons. —EileenF