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We live near Park Ave with our mom and dad. We both get to go outside :-)) We love our neighborhood and our neighbors. See our photos on the Wiki Watchcat and Wiki Watchdog pages.

Updated - sadly both Dottie and Hoffmann are now no longer with us...current residents are Motor and Capone, also appearing on the Wiki Watchcat page, and Rosie, see her on the list of Wiki Watchdogs.

Local restaurant favorites
Sodam Korean Restaurant behind Lori's Natural Foods
Jine's Restaurant consistently good Food at Fisher's Station awesome pancakes
Sinbad's Middle Eastern on Park Ave Flavors of Asia nice variety
Plum House Our current sushi favorite
Open Face Sandwich Eatery unusual and always great
Rio Tomatlan great Mexican in Canandaigua
Pho Duong Dong for Vietnamese
Some other cool stuff we like
Little Theatre movies that make you think The Cinema 2 for 1 all the time!
Dryden Theatre an awesome variety of movies, different almost every night
Public Market local goods, save $$, great place for people watching
Park Avenue our neighborhood
Roc City Roller Derby these girls ROC

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2007-08-26 20:02:58   Dottie, welcome to RocWiki. Your photos are a great addition. —RottenChester

2008-04-07 16:39:08   Wow, your photos add a lot to this site, and make the business pages more fun and informative! —AlexanderGartley

2008-04-16 13:10:58   Thanks Dottie! We're enjoying it so far! Just adorable pictures of all your furry, four-legged children! —StephanieTodd

2008-06-16 21:47:39   Since no one has mentioned it lately, You Rock! :-) Thanks for the awesome photos. —Users/RyanTucker

2010-04-24 17:17:43   VERY nice pics of Bob's Diner! —PeteB

2010-11-17 17:20:13   Dottie—the Admin Team would like to recognize your significant contributions to the Wiki by offering you an Admin position. The vote was unanimously Yes and we'd love to have you aboard. Please let me know and I can adjust your settings. —PeteB

2011-01-15 20:52:33   Again and as always—nice pics! —PeteB

2011-04-16 22:47:17   Regarding your comment on Han Noodle Bar, NYS law forbids BYOB unless the place has a [WWW]liquor license. —DamianKumor

2011-05-07 18:19:12   As usual nice photos!!! —PeteB

2011-08-09 20:50:43   I'm actually working on a Carl W. Peters project at the moment. I wrote that addition to the Times Square article in a fit of inspiration and probably should have checked to make sure whether the mural is actually still there or not. Unfortunately, it seems to have been lost to the wrecking ball. I plan on making a page for Peters in the near future (he was a pretty famous local artist) and will likely move all that information about the mural to there. For now, I'll just note at the end that the mural is now gone, alas. —EileenF

2011-09-15 18:56:35   A lot time on Monroe Ave, actually. Why oh why is the Monroe Village section so sketchy, when it's surrounded by great places like Park Ave and the South Wedge? —EileenF

2012-02-06 21:49:31   Yes, I remember THAT song, as well "I want to kiss her but......she won't let me..." —Alex-C

2012-04-26 11:11:47   Dottie, your pic of the tacos at Good Smoke BBQ is making my mouth water! They should pay you for good advertising tactics ;)

2012-07-04 16:16:51   I banned joyraymond and her IP

2012-07-04 16:27:27   Working on it-they did a sizeable amount of spamming. —peteb

2012-07-04 16:28:55   Nice work! Enjoy... —peteb

2012-12-08 13:48:29   I just don't get your "naked Wegman" rif about Pinnacle, but glad to hear the store is improving. It was pretty sparse at first. —jgerek

2012-12-26 15:05:55   Thx for hiding those pics. —peteb

2013-03-03 07:22:49   There's a message on the Monroe Village Farmers' Market Facebook saying reports of their demise may have been exaggerated. So it's possible there will be a 2013 season after all. —EileenF

2013-03-04 17:56:16   Question for you. Since you seem to be the resident expert on the Public Market, did La Placita Mexican replace Monterrey Mexican Tacos, or are both still there? Just wondering whether or not to mark Monterrey Mexican Tacos as closed. —tippingpoint

2014-02-27 09:42:42   Thanks for the tip Dottie, but it seems others have altered their user names over the years. Obviously anyone could still find out exactly who I am if they chose to spelunk the code, but I'd prefer not to nuke my account since I think I've made some useful contributions to the wiki (I'm biased). —ErikReinert

2016-05-24 07:53:07   Make sure you ban ISP addresses from spammers too. They sometimes use the same one for multiple spams. —EileenF

2016-07-29 06:45:07   Email the googlegroup list. It's still Ryan. PeteBpeteb

2016-12-03 22:20:03   Hey are you blocking the IPs when you delete those pages? —Damiankumor

2016-12-05 14:01:43   I blocked a whole range after I noticed we had lots from it. I made an excel file to generate the individual ones since wildcards don't work in the page. —Damiankumor

2018-12-29 15:00:25   Hey Dottie—FYI the changes York Furniture Gallery made weren't removing comments. They were updating store info. —peteb

2018-12-30 16:25:35   My error-I apologize. I'm locking the thread —peteb

2023-09-09 00:39:52   Hey, who's running this site these days? I had a change to contribute but the info email is not working. —abpryor
** I am honestly not sure who still holds the admin credentials. But if you have a legitimate change to contribute, just go ahead and make the edit(s) as needed. Please ensure the changes you make are accurate and the information you add or delete is correct, thank you. (If you set yourself up with a login and make a user page, people will be able to leave you notes there).