Plymouth Avenue

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West side of Rochester, close to the river and running through downtown
Boundaries (Traveling North)
Brooks Avenue and Genesee Street to Ford Street
Exchange Boulevard to Bloss Street

Plymouth Avenue is a north/south route on Rochester's west side. It is one of a number of streets that have been fragmented and chopped up as Rochester evolved. It is subdivided into three sections.

North Plymouth

Beginning at Bloss Street just north of Lyell Avenue, Plymouth Avenue starts out as a poor residential street in the Edgerton neighborhood. Traveling south, it passes through Brown Square, enters downtown's High Falls District, and then crosses the Inner Loop. This portion contains:

[WWW]Upstate Farms, Jones Square Park, Frontier Field, and the Kodak Headquarters all back up to North Plymouth. There is a First Niagara on the corner of North Plymouth and Lyell.

North to South Plymouth

Continuing south, North Plymouth forms the east-west border between the downtown neighborhoods of the Cascade District and Four Corners. At the intersection with West Main Street it becomes South Plymouth and the address numbering sequence restarts. It crosses the Inner Loop once again before terminating abruptly at Exchange Boulevard in Corn Hill. Also intersects with Fitzhugh Street.

At the moment, this part is still dominated by large parking lots from the disastrous "urban renewal" era. The area has since become a major focus for private redevelopment, however.

This portion contains:

Buckingham Commons is on the corner of North Plymouth and Allen Street, while the Monroe County Crime Lab is on the corner of North Plymouth and West Broad.

South Plymouth

South Plymouth resumes at Ford Street in the Plymouth-Exchange Neighborhood (PLEX), where it runs parallel with Exchange Street (Exchange Blvd. south of Ford Street) and the Genesee River. South Plymouth here is a bustling urban main street lined with businesses and residences. Though long considered a dangerous ghetto, this neighborhood in recent years has seen major development thanks to the University of Rochester's expansion across the river. South Plymouth finally terminates for good in Brooks Landing, at the intersection of Brooks Avenue and Genesee Street. This part is also marked as Route 383. Located here:

P1020264.JPGSouth Plymouth, looking towards downtown.

Jefferson Avenue has its southern border at South Plymouth. This area is often mistaken for part of the 19th Ward.

Other Information

Francis Tumblety was a famous resident, though the street was called Sophia Street when he lived there.


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