Culver University East

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P1000822.JPGEast Avenue

Edge of the city (SE), where the East Ave Wegmans is located, bordering Brighton.
North - University Avenue
South - Park Avenue
East - Just beyond South Winton
West - Culver Road
Neighborhood Association
CUE Neighborhood Association

Culver Road/University Avenue/East Avenue (CUE) is a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood that borders Brighton. Its three main streets - Park Avenue, East Avenue, and University Avenue - are all quite distinct from one another. The East Avenue Historic District terminates at Prober Street, at which East abruptly turns into a suburban-style commercial strip before leaving the city and resuming its historic residential character. University, meanwhile, has been revived as a funky old industrial district. Several of Rochester's hottest health clubs and restaurants are located here, mixed in with revitalized industrial buildings and a few big-box chains. Park Avenue and the side streets where you'll find the neighborhood's residential areas, which consist of single- and multi-family homes, a few townhouses, and several vintage apartment buildings.

The CUE Neighborhood Association was formed in the mid-1980s to combat a proposed Can of Worms project that would have expanded I-490.

CUE also overlaps with the ABC Streets Neighborhood.


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