Restaurant Price Guide

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Here are some restaurants in the wiki categorized according to price:

Cheap Eats ($)

Cheap eats means that you can have a full meal at this restaurant, including a non-alcoholic beverage, for $10 or less before tax and tip. Also refer to Diners, Pizza, and Cheap Food pages for more.

Low-Cost Food ($$)

At the mid-price restaurants, expect to spend $10-15 per dinner, which means entree and soup or salad, plus non-alcoholic beverage. Top-end entrees at some of these restaurants may be more, but most choices will fit comfortably in this range.

More Expensive Chow ($$$)

This category is a little more spendy. An average entree, with soup or salad plus beverage, will be $15-20 here. Again, you can spend more for some special entrees, but you can get out of one of these places for less than $20 on most nights.

High-Price Chow ($$$$)

$20+ is the average bill for one at the following restaurants. Generally, salad and entree are priced separately at one of these restaurants. Also refer to Upscale Restaurants for more.


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