Mystery History

1 1.jpg The Seat of Forgetting and Remembering
2 2.jpg Open Face Sandwich Eatery
3 3.jpg The Water Towers
4 4.jpg Broad Street Bridge
5 5.jpg Epileptic Gorilla
6 6.jpg Fox Sisters Obelisk
7 7.jpg Rochester War Memorial, the eternal flame.
8 8.jpg The School of Fish and Weathervane art piece at Rochester's Fast Ferry terminal
9 9.jpg The Mushroom House is located in Powder Mills Park.
10 10.jpg The City of Rochester from atop Cobbs Hill Park.
11 mystery_11.jpg The Bausch & Lomb Memorial
12 IMG_1469.jpg Gro-Moore Farms
13 mystery13.jpg Alley beside City Hall
14 mystery14.jpg A view of High Falls District from Kodak Tower
15 mystery15.jpg Some stainglass image of the Sol system, from Rochester Museum & Science Center.
16 no thumbnail ATM The Nurses section of Monroe Community Hospital.
17 mystery16.jpg A dramatic entrance at the Village Gate Square
18 Upload new image "mystery_18.jpg" Face statue in the courtyard of Village Gate Square; On Flickr: [WWW]
19 Upload new image "mystery19.jpg" Art deco detail on the East Avenue facade of Little Theatre
20 Upload new image "mystery20.jpg" The actual War Memorial inside the Blue Cross Arena as observed through the glass near the entrance to the Rochester Subway next to the Genesee River.
21 Mystery29.jpg A political opinion, expressed on a Park Ave Building balcony
See Mystery 21 - Comment History
22 mystery22.jpg Stickered sign near the Congressional Apartments on Park Ave
23 Mystery23.jpg It is indeed Mt. Hope Cemetery. But not taken from indoors - the mess isn't dirt on a window or leaves blowing around, it's leaves floating on the pond. hint - try flipping the image 180. — photo by McgMatt
24 mystery24.jpg Warehouse near the parking lot for the Public Market, corner of N. Union and Trinidad streets
25 mystery25.jpg Old dump truck with "Cars" theme, Route 5 and 20 [WWW]Toomey's Corners, NY, (just West of Canandaigua) in front of the western wear store
26 Mystery26.jpg Railroad Tool Storage Container is on the western shore of the Genesee River where the Hojack Swing Bridge would connect with Charlotte. It was apparently used for tools needed to assist with tasks of swinging the bridge, etc. You can see it from the deck of the Pelican's Nest Restaurant, is barely visible on Google Satellite images but clearly visible on this [WWW]MS Live BirdsView Map. See Guesses
27 mystery090124.jpg Ice formations on the jetty at Webster Park in January 2009
28 mystery090317.jpg Overhead chandeliers from Cheesecake Factory in Pittsford January 2009
29 mystery090321.jpg Fire protection suit at Medina Railroad Museum March 2009
30 Nr30.jpg Photo of former Webster Chrysler-Plymouth Dealership located at 2111 Empire Boulevard, Webster, NY 14580
31 Mystery20100221Edited.png From February, 2010, no definitive answer at this point
32 Myst0211.jpg From February 2011, Entrance to Java Joe's at the Public Market
33 Mystery06022011.jpg From June 2011, Schiller monument at Anderson Park
34 mystery_Feb12.jpg From Feb. 2012, the east wall of the building at 266 Park Avenue.
35 PLEX.JPG From Oct. 2012, a sign along the Genesee River Trail in PLEX, near the new Erie Lackawanna Pedestrian Bridge.