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Rochester is home to an amazingly diverse collection of restaurants - everything from diners and family joints to regional and national chains to upscale dining experiences. In fact, Western to Central New York - roughly Buffalo to Syracuse - is said to have the least number of chain restaurants per capital in the country (with the exception of New York City). This is attributed to the large number of independent restaurants with loyal local customer basis.1

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Restaurant Styles
Breakfast Buffets Cafes Casual Gourmet
Chains Diners Family Restaurants Fast Food
Take-Out Upscale
BBQ Caribbean Food Chinese Food Eclectic Foods
Ethiopian Food European Food German Food Greek Food
Halal Foods Indian Food Italian Food Japanese Food
Korean Food Kosher Food Lebanese Food Mediterranean Food
Mexican Food Pizzerias Rochester Cuisine Seafood
Southern Cuisine Steakhouses Thai Food Turkish Food
Vegan Vegetarian Vietnamese Food
Specific Foods
Bagels Beer Bubble Tea Cakes
Donuts Garbage Plates Hots Rochester Hamburgers
Subs Wings
See Also
Alfresco Dining Bakeries Bar Food Catering
Cheap Food Coffeehouses Delis Delivery
Farm Markets Grocery Stores Hole-in-the-Wall Ice Cream Parlors
Street Meat Water Front


Listing of restaurants that offer a breakfast menu. Note that most downtown restaurants are open only for breakfast and lunch.

Sit-down Service

City of Rochester


24-Hour Service

Sandwiches, Pastries & Bagels

Major Chains


See also: Buffets

City of Rochester


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List of restaurants that offer buffets, broken down by cuisine.









City of Rochester

National Chains

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Chain Restaurants

List of chain restaurants in and around Rochester.

Listed Separately

Local to the Rochester Area

Local to New York

National Chains


Rochester does not disappoint when it comes to unique and interesting diners1. Some of them are cheap, some are sleazy, all will keep refilling your coffee.

Also see Family Restaurants for list of family restaurants that often mimic the diner experience but are not quite diners.

City of Rochester


Family Restaurants

Our Family Restaurants provides a category listing of Restaurants that are moderate priced, sit-down, eating establishments with a variety of menu choices. Typically, the family restaurants do not have a bar or serve alcohol and may have specific children's menus or menu sections. There may be some overlap between family restaurants and Diners, which typically have counter seating and/or are built in the old-fashion diner building style.

Restaurant List

Take-Out Food

Most restaurants now allow customers to pick up ready-to-eat food for off-premise consumption, sometimes for an extra fee. Establishments on this page primarily operate as take-out restaurants by having little or no seating.

City of Rochester


See also:

Caribbean Food

List of restaurants that includes Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jamaican, and others.

Chinese Food

Takeout Only
Dim Sum

City of Rochester


If you read Chinese, check out [WWW]

Ethiopian Food

List of restaurants serving Ethiopian cuisine.

European Food

Restaurants serving European cuisine that is not German, Italian, or Greek.

German Food

City of Rochester


Greek Food

City of Rochester


Halal Foods

The Halal Foods page covers both restaurants and grocery stores that provide foods that comply with [wikipedia]Halal, the Islamic dietary law. Below we provide space for Certified Locations (those that display a Halal certificate) and some that sources, such as the staff or our viewers specify comply.

Certified Locations


Grocery and Meat Markets

Indian Food

Restaurants in and around Rochester specializing in Indian cuisine.

City of Rochester


Italian Food

A list of Italian restaurants in Rochester and the surrounding area.

City of Rochester

A large list of reviews about Italian restaurants in Rochester can be found [WWW]here.


See also: Pizza

Japanese Restaurants

City of Rochester


Korean Food

List of restaurants specializing in Korean food.

Kosher Food

Rochester is home to the largest Jewish community in New York State outside of the New York City metro area. For religiously observant Jews, Rochester has a variety of kosher certified establishments to purchase food. In addition to the bakeries, restaurants, delis, and other places on this list, supermarkets Wegmans and Tops have a wide selection of kosher goods for sale. Local liquor stores also carry a selection of kosher wines.

See also: Bagels, Rochester Kosher Services

Lebanese Food

Restaurants in the Rochester area that serve Lebanese cuisine.

See also: Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Food

List of restaurants serving cuisine from the Mediterranean region. Can be European, North African, or Middle Eastern.

City of Rochester


See also

Mexican Food

List of restaurants serving Mexican cuisine in Rochester and the surrounding area. Includes variations such as Tex-Mex.

City of Rochester



See Pizza Info for further details, resources and by locality.

Local to the Area

City of Rochester


Regional Chains

National Chains

See Also

Rochester Cuisine

Rochester has many restaurants at all price points serving a variety of cuisine. But the following restaurants serve primarily what some call "Rochester Cuisine" - Garbage Plates, Hots, Hot Sauce and Rochester Hamburgers


The following restaurants have a significant portion of their menu dedicated to fish and seafood.

City of Rochester


Southern Cuisine

A listing of restaurants that offer cuisine from the American South, such as Cajun, Creole, and Lowcountry. This category also includes African-American soul food, which is closely related and has Southern origins.

City of Rochester



The following restaurants have a significant portion of their menu dedicated to steaks and chops.

City of Rochester


Thai Food

List of restaurants in the Rochester area serving the cuisine of Thailand.

City of Rochester


Vegan Dining Guide

This page lists vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, supermarkets, and more in and near Rochester, NY.


Entirely Vegan

Some Vegan Options

  • Abyssinia: Has a separate vegetarian section on the menu (whose dishes are vegan).

  • Aladdins Natural Eatery: Lots of options are vegan-by-default.

  • Amaya Bar and Grill: Vegan options clearly marked on the menu.

  • Balsam Bagels: A wide variety of vegan bagels, vegan cream cheeses, daily vegan soups, and vegan pastries.

  • Bruegger's: Many of their bagels are vegan (check the website or ask for ingredients in-store).

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: Chipotle publishes a [WWW]guide for vegan diners.

  • Dogtown: Vegan hot dots, vegan chili, vegan garbage plates, and more. Vegan specials every Thursday.

  • Good Luck: Many of the options on the menu are vegan. Options are not labeled, though, so ask your waiter!

  • John's Tex-Mex Eatery: Staff is very vegan-aware. Willing to "veganize" almost anything by swapping cheese and sour cream for guacamole.

  • Jine's Restaurant: Menu includes and labels one or two vegan options.

  • Just Juice: Mostly vegan, but offers to use honey in drinks.

  • King and I: Menu includes a vegetarian section. The staff says dishes in the section do not contain fish sauce or shrimp paste.

  • Lettuce B. Frank: Unique vegan fare (Food Cart)

  • Mattie’s Restaurant and Bakery

  • Moe's Southwest Grill: Many taco and burrito fillings to choose from, including tofu. Watch out for non-vegan fillings accidentally spilling into the vegan ones if you care about that sort of thing.

  • Mooseberry Cafe: Some vegan breakfast and lunch options

  • Open Face Sandwich Eatery: menu notes sandwiches that are vegan or can be made vegan. Offers vegan split cookies.

  • The Owl House: Huge selection of vegan dishes. Brunch, dinner, dessert, and more.

  • The Pita Pit: Choose your own pita fillings. If you're worried about your food coming in contact with non-vegan food, ask them to warm it in the microwave rather than on the grill.

  • Red Robin: The menu includes a vegan patty as an option for Garden burger. It appears [WWW]the bun is also vegan.

  • Sultan: Vegetarian options clearly labeled, many of which are vegan.

  • Sol Burrito: Vegan friendly. Lists some vegan items on the menu.

  • Taste of Ethiopia: Some vegan items listed on the menu

  • Voula's Greek Sweets: Several vegan dishes and desserts labeled on the menu.

Coffee Shops

A handful of coffee shops around Rochester offer vegan pastries.


  • Tap & Mallet: Impressive vegan menu for a bar. Many than enough options to make a few meals. Daily vegan entrée.

Bakeries and Desserts


See Also

Vegetarian Food

The following restaurants, delis, and grocery stores have a substantial number of vegetarian items available:

See also: Vegan Dining Guide

Vietnamese Food

List of restaurants specializing in Vietnamese cuisine.

City of Rochester