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2007-12-06 10:35:59   I am a renter and have a neighbor and good friend who works at Round Hill Pacific. I have not done business with Round Hill but just from the stories she has told me in passing, Round Hill sounds like a great company to to rent from. The things she has told me about the owner and their policies sound very fair and ethical. I know this is anecdotal, so take it for what it is worth. —BadFish

2007-12-06 11:58:38   I had a great experience working with Bob Wagner Realty on finding the apartment I'm living in now. They were recommended by someone I used to work with, who was also really pleased. If you are looking for nice apartments in the Park Ave/Neighborhood of the Arts/South Wedge/Monroe area, I'd definitly suggest giving them a try! —SaraChristine

2008-04-01 09:19:41   To add to my above comment, Bob Wagner Realty is now part of ReMax. —SaraChristine

2008-05-12 10:34:49   I have only the highest praises for former Bob Wagner Realty - now part of ReMax's rental division down on Park Ave. The last two apartments I have rented I found through one of their agents, and when time comes to move again I will likely go to him first. They care about putting you in an apartment that fits your needs just as much as they care about renting the apartment itself. —LindsaySimon

2010-02-07 09:35:47   Anyone have updated contact info for Bob Wagner or the apartments he rents (many looked great)? I searched a few ReMax sites without luck, and his BW realty site is still up, though the email address is dead. —RikHunter