Vegan Dining Guide

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This page lists vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, supermarkets, and more in and near Rochester, NY.

  1. Restaurants
    1. Entirely Vegan
      1. City of Rochester
      2. Rochester Metropolitan Area
    2. Some Vegan Options
      1. City of Rochester
        1. Breakfast/Bakeries
          1. Coffee Houses/Cafes/Juice Bars
        2. American/Diner/Fusion
          1. Bars
        3. Ethiopian
        4. Mexican/Tex Mex
        5. Asian
        6. Indian
        7. Greek/Mediterranean
        8. Italian
        9. Dessert/Bake Shops/Ice Cream
        10. Meal Delivery
      2. Rochester Metropolitan Area
        1. Unconfirmed Vegan Options
        2. Food Trucks
        3. Museums/Zoos/Aquariums
        4. Supermarkets/Grocery Stores
        5. National Chains in the Rochester Area with Vegan Options
  2. Regional
    1. Buffalo Area
    2. Niagara Falls, ON Area
    3. Syracuse Area
    4. Ithaca Area
    5. Watkins Glen Area
    6. Corning Area
  3. Area Vegan Festivals
    1. Ontario, Canada
    2. New York City/Downstate/Eastern NY
    3. Pennsylvania
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Entirely Vegan

City of Rochester

Rochester Metropolitan Area

Some Vegan Options

City of Rochester

Rochester Metropolitan Area

Unconfirmed Vegan Options

The following places almost certainly have many naturally vegan options, just based on the type of cuisine, but there is currently no information on what exactly is vegan or how vegan-friendly/aware the staff is. These may be moved to other sections or removed as people visit these locations or talk with the owners and find out more information.

Food Trucks
Supermarkets/Grocery Stores
National Chains in the Rochester Area with Vegan Options


This section contains all the restaurants that have clearly-labeled vegan options that you could drive to and back in a day from the Rochester area.

Buffalo Area

Niagara Falls, ON Area

Syracuse Area

Ithaca Area

Watkins Glen Area

Corning Area

Area Vegan Festivals

All the vegan festivals within half a day's drive from the Rochester area are listed here:

See Also